Is Pregnancy Causing Kim Kardashian To Break Out?

Posted on April 14th, 2013 at 3:24 pm
Still A Rumor


 When Kim Kardashian arrived at the Burbank Airport, the pregnant reality star had a shiny forehead and appeared as though she was breaking out.

Many women develop acne problems during their pregnancy.

Kim, who is said to be seven months pregnant, wore a loose-fitting satin top.



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    • nowdisconnected

      First of all, Kim’s acne should NOT be making headlines! She always has acne and blemishes but the pancake makeup covers it all up. And her “top” is to wear to bed. She can’t sell herself with her wisdom or valid contributions to society so all she does is try to get attention using sexual exploits…..completely pathetic. She can’t help that she’s a greasy hairy woman.

    • kl1001

      No matter what, I can’t help but love Kim! Despite the facial shine, she’s looking amazing