Is Harry Styles Dating Kimberly Stewart Or Ruby Stewart?

Posted on April 26th, 2013 at 11:25 am
Still A Rumor


One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles was spotted having dinner Thursday night with legendary rocker Rod Stewart and his wife.  But eyewitnesses claim Taylor Swift's ex boyfriend was getting hot at heavy at the restaurant with Rod's daughter Kimberly.

The foursome were spotted getting into a car after dining at West Hollywood's Dan Tana's restaurant.  If true, it would prove Harry still has a penchant for older women.  Harry is 19 years old while Kimberly -- who has a one-year-old daughter with Benicio Del Toro -- is 33.

RumorFix has reached out to Kimberly's reps to get confirmation if she's coupling up with Harry, but we have not heard back.

There have also been rumors that Harry has been seeing Rod's OTHER beautiful blonde daughter Ruby.  At 25-years-old, she's closer to Harry's age and an underwear model!  But there have been no public sightings of that pair together -- unlike Harry and Kimberly.

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    1. Truth says:

      Stewart is still selling pics of Delilah every other week! After all the hate
      ran her out of town on Celeb Baby Scoop,
      ( she is
      sticking with sites like Hello and Daily Mail because they are in Rod’s pocket
      and will censor any comments they deem too negative. Both Hello and Daily Mail
      are not allowing any comments get past the moderators that call them out
      directly for buying the photos- and running features on her every 2 weeks in
      DM’s case- or if you openly question if Benicio would approve of this.

      Check out the latest article from 4/20. Her friends/publicity
      team/enablers have left glowing comments about what a good mom she is, how she’s
      not bitter, etc. and they somehow get ridiculously high ratings, like 500+.
      Comments on articles about REAL celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon getting
      arrested, don’t even have nearly the number of ratings as the ones on Kim’s
      latest non-story. This was an obvious response to the unmoderated 4/11 article
      where Kim got called out on her motives.

      Why are Hello and Daily Mail enabling Kim Stewart to exploit her young
      daughter like this? People have a right to voice their opinions and educate
      people on what is real, whether they like it or not! People need to be made
      aware of Hello and DM’s unethical journalism practices! Spread the word!

    2. Ted says:

      Someone questioned in the 4/11 Daily Mail article why she didn’t have a new man yet. Two weeks later she’s linked with Harry Styles. Desperate.

    3. The Word says:

      This is a manufactured story made up by Kim and her desperate publicity people. Someone pointed out on a message board a couple weeks ago that she didn’t have a man, so now we get this made up bs to make her precious ego feel better. FAIL

    4. The Word says:

      Kim Stewart exploits her 1 year old child for fame and money. There are hundreds of pictures of this innocent little girl all over the internet and people have left all kinds of cruel comments about her but Kim Stewart could care less. As long as she gets paid. She is tasteless trash. Please pass it on. She needs to be stopped.

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