“I Felt Misled” By Iyanla Vanzant, Says Shereè Whitfield

Posted on April 23rd, 2013 at 9:34 am


Shereè Whitfield has something in common with DMX.

Just like the struggling rapper, the 43-year-old former Real Housewives of Atlanta star feels she was "misled" by life coach Iyanla Vanzant when she appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life.

Shereè was featured on Saturday's episode of Fix My Life with her ex-husband and the father of her two youngest children, former NFL player Bob Whitfield. The duo was confronted by Iyanla about their inability to get along and failure to co-parent their children, but things went over a little better with Bob than it did with Shereè.

Saying she "has the energy of a victim," Iyanla also questioned Shereè about "Chateau Sheree," the exceptionally large (and still unfinished) home she began building during her days as an Atlanta Housewife. The line of questioning prompted Shereè to tell Iyanla she felt "attacked," and most likely contributed to Shereè's reported refusal to follow up with Iyanla after the show's taping.

Shereè also said in a statement released by her rep:

“Since leaving the 'Housewives', I’ve been at a different place in my life, a place of healing and self-empowerment, so when Bob reached out to me about doing this show on co-parenting I was excited because I thought we were both on the same page and equally wanted to work towards mending our relationship so that we could more effectively co-parent, and even more importantly I thought it was an opportunity to inspire single parents in our situation. However, once shooting began I felt misled because the line of questioning was centered more on accusations of my shortcomings as a wife versus how we can begin to resolve our issues.”

Shereè went even further in the statement by calling Iyanla's approach to therapy "one-sided" and "judgmental". RumorFix is attempting to contact Iyanla's camp for comment.

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    1. brooklyn says:

      i have to agree with Sheree.

    2. blessed says:

      She felt relevant! Do not air your dirty laundry on national television.

    3. shenanigans says:

      Sheree was a gold digger at the beginning of their relationship and still is. Yes ,Whitfield should pay child support but not the millions of dollars she’s lookihg for. Stop trying to live above your means, get a job and show your kids how to be a hard worker. Women have been single parents for years and when a man refuses to help. We did our own thing stopped stressing about what he wasnt paying or doing and raised our kids. Let God deal with him vengeance are not ours and as long as she tries to make him miserable she will fail. Move on life is to short to stresss over this bull shizit.

    4. She hates being called out on her shi**y lifestyle. How is it that a woman who portrays to be so wealthy, has inflatable mattresses in her apartment, keyword, apartment, yet tries to pass it off as a pillow from a dog bed? Bye Sheree. Your excuses have run the course.

    5. GUEST says:

      The truth hurts!!!!!

    6. Realitycheck says:

      If she felt mislead it’s only because she REFUSES to accept the truth AND she refuses to accept responsibility for her part that she played in that marriage and the dissolution of that marriage. She likes to take the role of the VICTIM. Wake up Sheree and accept responsibility for the things you’ve done that have caused you so many problems in your life. As long as you are marrying men for nothing but their MONEY then you’ll get exactly what you deserve. You planned to get pregnant by Bob because you saw $$$$$ signs in your bank account. Now, look at you. You’re a pitiful excuse of a mother and you got exactly what you deserved. Try living your life on the “up and up” and you’ll see how quickly things will turn around for you.

    7. Butterfly28 says:

      I watched that episode and I do agree with Sheree Whitfield’s perspective and comment about Iyanla being “Judgmental”. Most people sometimes can not discern when they are being manipulated, especially by a therapist. So, that lets me know that Sheree is a strong and wise woman and not weak because she would not allow Iyanla to put words in her mouth or to manipulate her. I have been disturbed about Iyanla’s Fix it show and about her sometimes dogmatic style. If you closely watch her episodes, you will only notice a few strong ones who have talked up to her because they recognized the manipulative spirit operating behind the counseling. Although some positive things have come out of it, she is putting herself in the place of Jesus, just by the title itself which is a form of Idolatry. No one should get credit for fixing a person’s life, but Jesus Christ. I would not be surprised if she goes off the air soon.

    8. cloudninegirl says:

      Sheree Whitfield is one of the most emotionally damaged people I’ve seen on tv in a long time. On the show, she was defensive, accusatory, prideful, and completely defiant about the truth. She’s the kind of person that will stand at the edge of the pit of Hell, and as she’s forced to jump in, will proclaim loudly as she’s falling, “But I WAS RIGHT!” That’s incredibly sad, and I’m more sad that her children are learning how to be a human being from this woman. Bob Whitfield was the exact opposite. He was open, teachable, and had a huge heart. I cannot imagine the torment he’s had to go through trying to co-parent with that horrible woman. I hope he will have lots of time with his children, and that they will grow up to be as sweet and open as he is.

    9. kalisa jefferson says:

      i say sheree whitfield needs to stop playing this dramatic victim image i remember watching her on the atlanta housewives episode when she was trying to get that role for acting and they’d asked her to be more serious in her role she still did it her way i believe she is hard headed and at times stubborn …yall can say what yall like about iyanla some has said iyanla isn’t of god by some christains wow thats funny when most black ancestors that came to this new world as slaves werent even considered human beings by thier oppressors also christains…not allowed to learn how to read write ect…but always forced into thier religious beliefs hummmm really make you think again ! get it together people

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