Honey Boo Boo Does Manhattan! Mom Shows Off Slimmer Figure!!

Posted on April 4th, 2013 at 6:02 am

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson makes faces while eating a hot dog in Manhattan

Honey Boo Boo joined her Mama June on Wednesday for a little exercise in New York City.

The TLC reality stars were spotted taking a stroll in Midtown Manhattan as seven-year-old Alana Thompson threw back a good old fashion New York hot dog.

Meanwhile, Boo Boo's slimmed down mom, June Shannon, strutted her stuff, rockin' a new blonde hairdo.  Mama June recently revealed she lost 115 pounds.

Honey Boo Boo Hits The Streets Of New YorkAlana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson makes faces while eating a hot dog in ManhattanHoney Boo Boo Hits The Streets Of New York

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    1. jacmommaof3 says:

      I don’t understand the big deal about this kid! She is rude and gross. Hell if they are going to give any one a reality show, then my daughter should get one. She is beautiful, unlike this kid who definitely is no beauty queen!

      • Annoyed by stuck up snobs! says:

        Well it seems people like winners, but LOVE losers! People feel better about their own lives if they can compare it to the HBB family.

        But, why put the blame on a 7 yr old? You’re comments are just as ‘rude and gross’! If you want to blame anyone, blame the parents, or the lack of funding the USA puts into health and education, oh hell, if you’re that annoyed why not just blame all of society!

        I think you’re just as ‘rude’ by writing on a site that she ( a young girl of 7 ) may read! Would you say that in public to her face? Be accountable for what you write.

        How would you like your daughter to read such mean words?

        Seriously people, don’t we have enough hate in this world!?

      • dave from england says:

        well at least they have entered her in beauty stuff and not flinging dead cows ,bathtubs and old cars and the like

    2. yahoo11 says:

      I feel bad for honey boo boo. She doesn’t know any better. Her mother does not care about her health or her families. I fear Honey boo boo will end up like her.

      • Girl says:


        • Girl says:

          To clarify I agree with yahoo11, not Gwen.

          They all aren’t like that….omg….! Why don’t you just stereotype another group, like everyone is Britain has bad teeth?! You can’t seriously believe all southerners drink Mountain Dew and have rotten teeth? If you do you need to go back to school!

      • $9842229 says:

        that is there lifestyle. that is the way they all are in that area. I think mountain doo is literally like water to them and I saw a show about that and they all have bad teeth because that is all they drink. They live how they were raised. I think they are harmless but I do hope that they end the show before they do irreparable damage to the kids.

        • BeeRidge says:

          Learn the difference between there, their and they’re before you start writing.

          • gwen0444 . says:

            no not interested in spelling or sentence structure etc. while posting on tabloid sites. youll figure it out.

          • Teacher says:

            Agreed! People talk about how uneducated they are yet don’t know how to use their , they’re, and there correctly! It’s a pet peeve of mine as well! Another is, your, and you’re. Or how about people who like to spell grammar, ‘grammer’! Can you imagine if spellcheck was obsolete! Haha that would ( not wood ) be interesting! 🙂
            America is failing to educate THEIR young !

            • BeeRidge says:

              I know Teacher….another one is “seen” (I seen her at Wal-Mart yesterday) or the (I had came to see you, but you weren’t home)….Ha this could go on forever. It’s sad.

        • Guest says:

          It’s Mountain Dew, not doo! Haha

    3. $9842229 says:

      I like the mom. she set up accounts for all the money her kids make, she is real and as crazy as that show is, they are not kardashians and I see the inner beauty in the Honey boo boo family. I see a family that really seem to like each other. Good for the mom for trying to lose weight but still keeping it real.

      • yahoo11 says:

        I read an article that said she didn’t try to lose the weight. She didn’t eat any better or exercise. She said it just came off because of her new lifestyle. I would have liked it more if she would have tried.

      • Not a fan of June, the 'mom' says:

        Just because a “mom” loves her child it doesn’t mean she’s being a good parent. I get there’s no perfect parent, but come on she’s setting her child up for failure in many areas! Her daughter is overweight, and she’s only 7! Is she keeps eating, and by her mothers own attitude that being obese is okay, then that poor kid will be very obese by age 16! By then she will be set up for a number of serious health issues!

        Or, how about taking her child into a bar late at night and putting your child on top of a table to yell out, ‘a dollar makes me holler’! That is unacceptable.

        I think June prefers to be a buddy, or best gal with her children, rather than be the adult and parent!

        Sorry I have no respect for her as a mother. I’m sure she’s a nice person, and yeah I’m sure she loves her children, but she is not IMO a good mother!

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