Gwyneth Paltrow TMI Remarks On Shaving Body Hair

Posted on April 26th, 2013 at 8:55 am


Gwyneth Paltrow is not only "The World's Most Beautiful Woman," but she's also the world's most honest.

When Gwyneth hit the red carpet for Iron Man 3 on Wednesday, she wore a dress that requires no underwear.

PICTURES: Gwyneth's Dress

"I kind of had a disaster," she tells Ellen DeGeneres. "I was doing a show and I changed there -- and I couldn't wear underwear ... Well let's say everyone went scrambling for a razor. So I went from being the most beautiful to the most humiliated in one day."

Then the wife of Chris Martin went into TMI territory when she explained why emergency hair removal was necessary. "I work a 70s vibe. You know what I mean?"

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    1. Doug Denslowe says:

      Don’t give me a woman who shaves down there,
      As long as she’s wearing clean underwear!

    2. LondonReader says:

      Am I missing something here? That dress has sheer SIDES. Is she saying her pubic hair wraps all the way around her hips?? If not, then what made it a razor emergency?

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