Derek Hough: I’m Sad Wynonna Left, But Glad Andy Dick Stayed

Posted on April 6th, 2013 at 11:08 am


Derek Hough, who is a three-time champ on Dancing with the Stars, is reflecting on who's gone and who's still standing on the popular TV talent competition.

"It was sad seeing Wynonna leave," he said in his blog. "She's a legend and she's amazing.

"I was a little surprised that Wynonna's fan base didn't save her, but it just shows that you can't assume anything about the votes and fans," he wrote.

But, Kellie Pickler's partner is glad that Andy Dick -- who was in the bottom three -- is still in the competition, because, "I think he's the one who could benefit the most personally from this. You can tell how much this means to him and I think a lot of people would've been bummed had he left too."

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