David Letterman Puts Overly Confident A.J. Clemente In His Place

Posted on April 24th, 2013 at 6:05 pm


After David Letterman made fun of A.J. Clemente on his Top Ten List, the late night talk show invited the rookie news anchor to his show Wednesday night.

David was obviously sympathetic to the fired anchor. He asked, "What about these goons in Bismarck [North Dakota] are they going to give you the job back?"

A.J. was fired the very first night as news anchor on Sunday after accidentally cursing on the air.

Being diplomatic, A.J. defended his former bosses saying, "They aren't goons."

Then, when David asked if he would take his job back if offered.

A surprisingly confident A.J. responded, "I thought about it -- but if ESPN comes knockin'"

David put him in his place saying, "Forget about ESPN -- that ain't going to happen -- you're going back to Bismarck!"

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