Coolio: I Did Not Beat My Baby Mama! She Attacked Me! –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on April 17th, 2013 at 1:30 pm
Exclusive coolioFFN_Flynet_Coolio_012Rapper Coolio is denying reports that he beat his baby mama, Anabella Chatman, to the ground and punched her before proceeding to allegedly run her over with his car during an argument on April 1. The 90s rap star is opening up about the incident for the first time exclusively to RumorFix. Coolio a.k.a. Artis Leon Ivey Jr., who was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery constituting domestic violence stemming from the argument earlier this month, tells RumorFix exclusively, "I never laid hands on her! When my back was turned to her, she jumped on me and started scratching my face which caused me to fall to my knees." Coolio, who is allowing Anabella to temporarily live in his guest room to spend more time with his five-year-old son Christopher, says his baby mama makes it extremely difficult for him to be a good father. He tells us that his ex tries to force a romantic relationship on him, but Coolio, who has a serious girlfriend, is not interested. RumorFix also spoke exclusively with the star's best friend Jarez Posey, who filled us in on what really went down on the night of April Fools. Jarez tells us, "Anabella, who is bitter over [Coolio's girlfriend] Mimi, got into a jealous rage when Mimi came over to the house. Anabella lost control after she realized Mimi was unfazed over the bad names she kept shouting at her, saying, 'If nothing I say is going to make you mad then I'm going to tear sh*t up!' Although Coolio and Mimi didn't want to fight and remained calm, Anabella got aggressive and started attacking Coolio." But that was only the beginning. Jarez reveals that Christopher, who was screaming at his mother to 'leave daddy alone,' jumped in the rapper's car. And in order to avoid any further confrontation, Jarez tells us, the rapper proceeded to drive away, and that's when Anabella made an attempt to jump on the moving car in order to stop them from leaving, but failed and instead fell off of the vehicle. Jarez tells RumorFix that the police on scene were going to take Anabella to jail for her alleged assault on Coolio, but the angry ex claimed her leg was broken which got her out of going to the slammer. "Anabella is crazy! She plotted this whole thing!" Coolio and his best bud conclude.  

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    1. CooliosBabyMama says:

      Ha! Dem baby mamas be CRAY!

    2. Tiffany says:

      Oh what BS. First he does Celeb Wife Swap with Mimi (who he supposedly lived with), then they break up. Then he tells numerous media outlets that the whole thing was a set up, he’s a good guy, and Mimi never was his girlfriend except for on the show. Now he’s saying she’s his “serious girlfriend?” This pigtailed midget is a total tool.

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