Carol Channing: I Would Be Honored To Have Johnny Depp Play Me

Posted on April 18th, 2013 at 4:57 pm


 Legendary singer/actress/comedian Carol Channing never takes herself seriously.

So, when the Hello Dolly star heard that Johnny Depp wants to play her in a film, the 92-year-0ld responded with humor.

Her rep tells RumorFix, "Carol  says she would be honored to have Johnny portray her in a bio-pic. The fact that he is a man, doesn't phase her at all, she can't recall having ever seen anyone imitate her who didn't have five o'clock shadow."

Johnny made the proclamation during a Q&A session at CinemaCon while promoting Lone Ranger. He also said he'd love to play the legendary Don Rickles. We haven't heard back from Don's camp. But, expect a snappy response!

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