Amanda Bynes Bizarre Birthday Behavior

Posted on April 3rd, 2013 at 1:09 pm


 Amanda Bynes said she moved to New York to escape the paparazzi in Los Angeles -- but she obviously isn't doing a good job.

The former child star has been attracting a lot of attention while walking New York's busy streets.

On Wednesday, which happened to be her 27th birthday, the star was dressed in sweat pants, sandals, a T-shirt and a parka.

A New Yorker couldn't help himself -- he had to point out the irony that Amanda has a story in In Touch this week that asks the question: "What Happened To This Child Star?"

Amanda, obviously tired from all the attention, decided to turn the camera on the paparazzi.

Here's a tip to Amanda if she doesn't want to create press -- don't tweet Drake telling him you want him to "murder my vagina."


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