A. J. Clemente Gets First Gig Since Being Fired For Dropping F Bomb

Posted on April 24th, 2013 at 12:24 pm


A.J. Clemente's disastrous first day as an anchorman in Bismarck, North Dakota has been seen by millions and ridiculed by every late night talk show host in America.

But, now, he's getting his 15 minutes of fame and he's also been offered a job from Live with Kelly & Michael.

"You're a native New Yorker," Michael said on Wednesday. "And one thing about New Yorkers, we believe in giving second chances, man. So we have a challenge for you, if you're willing to accept it. We're going to send you to cover the star-studded red carpet premiere of Pierce Brosnan's new movie, Love Is All You Need." Of course A.J. accepted.

This is the newscaster's account of what happened when he said, "f***ing s**t" at the beginning of the 5 p.m. news on Sunday -- his very first day as anchorman:

The show went on 30 seconds early and he didn't have his ear piece, so he didn't know they went live. And, there was a name he was having a hard time pronouncing, so he was cursing under his breath. He says he didn't realized the flub was on air until the news director told him.

 Legendary newsman Tom Brokaw went on MSNBC's Morning Joe and gave the rookie a pep talk.

“I made a huge gaffe when I was in Omaha at a very early age,” Brokaw said. “It wasn’t quite as, as explicit as yours was, by any means. On the other hand, it was confined to Omaha, because there was no social media.”

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    1. okccw says:

      I hope he gets a great job! Should have never been fired IMO! Co-anchor Ms. Van FORGOT her ear pc in her car! AJ should have already had ear pc made for him or if neither had on proper equipment someone should have cued them to go time! So….I hope AJ’s boss got his ass ripped too! I wish him a lot of success in a larger market with many more opportunities.

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