Why Wynonna Judd & Andy Dick Bonded Immediately — Exclusive

Posted on March 25th, 2013 at 4:38 am


In an extremely candid interview with RumorFix special correspondent Andy Dick, Wynonna Judd says, "Under any other circumstances [we] have nothing in common."

But the country star, who calls herself the Double D Diva, says he won her over immediately. "You sat next to me," she tells Andy, "and you kinda laid your head on my shoulder -- I just had this affection for you."

Although most recently Andy is better known for his drug use and run-ins with the law than his comedy, Wynonna says, "I had no idea about your past. I don't know much about you," but she likes what she sees.

She says the both bonded over being mortified,"We're merging in this madness. I felt a connection with you right away."

The younger half of The Judds acknowledges that she and Andy are the underdogs. But she says, "We're trying our best."

In a sobering moment, Andy reveals, "I think people tuned in to see me fall on my face. And I didn't do it and you didn't do it -- you kicked ass."

Using the mantra from a 12 step program, Wynonna adds "We're making it one day at a time."

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