Tamra Barney: I Love Vicki, Alexis & I Aren’t True Friends & Don’t Ask About Jim

Posted on March 3rd, 2013 at 11:01 am

In November, we started getting clues that the explosive Real Housewives of Orange County were actually getting along.

These pictures of Tamra Barney's bridal dress fitting showed Tamra was burying the hatchet with Alexis Bellino and Vicki Gunvalson.

In an exclusive interview with our Real Mr. Housewife, Tamra clears the air on all things Housewife.

First off, what about that wedding?  Tamra had to be coy, because it's part of Season Eight, but she tells us, "Everything is moving right along and I'm sure we'll be sharing the wedding with everybody soon" Translation: preparations for the wedding will be televised.

RumorFix recently caught up with Vicki, who told us her reconciliation with Tamra "is  a daily thing right now. I  just hope things stay that way.”

Tamra, agrees, "Vicki and I go like this [up and down movement] ...  We start off where we left off in Season Seven so it gets a little rough before it gets better. I have to say we're in a good place right now. I love Vicki."

"What about Alexis -- after all, she was at that dress fitting?

"I don't know if Alexis and i will ever be true friends," Tamra confesses. "I think I'm getting to appreciate her for who she is and she's getting to know me for who I am ... As i put it to her this season, 'Let's get to know each other in the things we do have in common versus the things we don't have in common and maybe we'll get along.'"

One last question: What about Alexis' husband, Jim Belino? Tamra's response: You'll have to see the video.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Luv Alexis,The Bellinos are my favorite on the OC.Gretchen was not a loyal friend to Alexis last season.Alexis,she was always there for Gretchen and Slade when they had no friends season 5.Gretchen was never my favorite.She has changed the most.Alexis you can forgive but watch your back.

    2. Kylie says:

      OInk oink is what I think of when I see Barney the Hag. I do like Alexis from the little I have see of her. I don’t watch the O.C. women because like I said they are all Oink Oink Oinkers and give the O.C. a bad trashy image.

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