Sofia Vergara Expecting A Surrogate Child?

Posted on March 7th, 2013 at 11:15 am
Still A Rumor

No one is expecting a baby bump on Sofia Vergara anytime soon ....  but is the 40-year-old cougar covering up a surrogate pregnancy??

That's the latest rumor stemming from on article in next week's National Enquirer! According to the gossip rag, Sofia and fiance Nick Loeb are expecting their first child together via a surrogate mother.

The Enquirer alleges that the Modern Family actress' absence from the Oscars red carpet last week was due to a pregnancy scare with a woman carrying Sofia and Nick's baby. Sofia claims that she was sick with the flu.

The Enquirer's sources claim that after several hours in the hospital on Oscar night, doctors determined that everything was fine with the surrogate mother. Sofia, the mother of her own 20-year-old son, reportedly, "Thanked God that everything was OK..." RumorFix detects some holes in this alleged conspiracy, but we're on it!

In the meantime, Sofia Vergara's surrogate pregnancy is STILL A RUMOR.

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