Porsha Stewart To Kordell: Can’t You Even Get My Name Right?

Posted on March 29th, 2013 at 7:23 pm


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is letting her emotions come through in divorce documents obtained by RumorFix.


When Porsha's estranged husband, Kordell, filed for divorce on March 22, he used her maiden named Porsha Williams -- so  in her counter claim, the reality star makes it very clear that her real name is "Porsha Stewart." Essentially, she's saying, "Jerk, can't you even get my name straight?"


The reality star admits the marriage is "irretrievably broken" and there are no prospects for reconciliation. Her divorce documents also dispute the football player's claim that “[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”

She says she didn't work for two years (although she did appear on RHOA) at his request and helped raise his son from a previous relationship. She says now her "earning capacity was set back significantly."

So here's what she wants in the divorce:

  • All property to be divided  equally unless another agreement can be made
  • Kordell to pay all marital debt
  • Porsha wants exclusive use and possession of their home on a permanent basies
  • Kordell to pay alimony
  • Kordell to pay all attorney fees
  • All insurance policies to stay in full force

In a recent Bravo blog, Porsha revealed she doesn't have a prenup saying, "there is no place for a piece of paper to stand between us.”


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    1. Doug Denslowe says:

      What will she do with herself?Her whole identity was wrapped up being “little Miss Housewife”!What will she do?What will she do?

    2. Taren Wrighton says:

      Porsha will live, that is what she will do, and she will do what she was doing before she married that Rainbow Skittle. She will grow, mature and grow some back bone from being betrayed by her ex husband in the way she was. He had a nerve, letting the media know about his intentions before talking with her first. She will go back to building her uncle’s foundation and she will find a new and more adventurous life for herself, without that controlling insecure, disrespectful bully that she was once married too. She is young and attractive, she will find love in all the right places and Jug Head Kordelle will be an awful memory from her past.There is hope ahead for this young lady, she just has to let go and keep it moving.

      • okccw says:

        Well said

      • Jacqueline Johnson says:

        agree, well stated… They always say to surround yourself with people that are going somewhere. I think she can learn a lot from Kandi, Ne Ne and Phrada in
        the personal arena and business. I didn’t include Cynthia because she has a low
        tolerance for Porsha, but that’s because she forgot how weak her spine
        was when she first started out on the show. I truly believe there is a blessing
        in all of this turmoil for Porsha if she will let go and let God. “Trust in the
        Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding”.
        Proverbs 3:5

    3. Ms Real says:

      Porsha will survive. She’s not the first woman to be dogged and not the last. Kordell only agreed to do RHOA because he was ready to end it with Porsha. He felt he would have a better chance of keeping everything if Porsha had a job. she thought he loved her. He wasn’t happy and he didn’t want to pay her. Porsha get what you can get, educate yourself and move on. Man is the man of the house but women are the strength.

      • okccw says:

        Well said.

      • Jacqueline Johnson says:

        How is
        it that such a controlling, dehumanizing male get married without a Pre-nup?
        Was he that sprung back then or did he think Porsha was really that stupid?
        Hurt a woman as he did and you will find out how smart they are and what they
        are capable of doing. I believe the marriage would have stayed intact if Porsha
        didn’t have contact with some strong independent women that validated what she
        was already feeling. I also believe Kordell used Porsha as a distraction to
        take the focus off him and the rumors of his sexual preference. I get the
        impression that Kordell’s father was hard on him in the sense of buck up, be a
        man. Maybe he was soft as a child or clanged to his mother and the father
        wanted him to be tough. If you notice that is how he treats Porsha especially
        when she has conflict with some of the other girls. He is really rough stating
        you need to take care of that, that’s the second time that’s happened you
        better handle that don’t come to me no more with that. It is almost like
        sending your child back to the playground after they have had a problem with
        another child. I still believe Porsha left home too soon because she does not
        seem to be prepared for life’s lessons.

        • BravoJunkie says:

          Maybe, he thought she had a whole lot of money. The door swings both ways, literally.

        • Doug Denslowe says:

          You have the guts to say what everybody else was thinking!I think Kordell has a lot of guilt over his sexual perferance And the fact he was arrested for it!Porsha won’t have to keep on defending him and playing the beard!

    4. Titi says:

      Tania Richardson raised her boy. Porsha was a video oe. nobody. http://web.stagram.com/n/lrich0901/

    5. Jackie Maronna-Velez Core says:

      Hit him where ti hurts , then do you better than ever !! Success is the best revenge !!

    6. streetaccess says:

      whatever ladies! go brother and drop her like a hot potato,and hope you have a pre-nup. tell her the gravy train is over,and get the classified ads.

    7. Doug Denslowe says:

      Will she address this at the reunion show?

      • mznita says:

        No, Kandi mentioned on WWHN last night that the reunion was taped one week before she was served..I am hoping they revise the reunion to see what she has to say.

    8. Mary Burgess says:

      Whats funny, how many episodes are there on RHOA where he was TELLING her that she could not work…hmmm nice try Kordell but you dug a deep grave….suck him DRY Porsha

    9. Celi Chapman says:

      yes he should pay ,he is a creepy jerk

    10. complicated says:

      I also agree. Porsha will survive and do well. Kordell, when people play dirty no good comes to them. You might have controlled Porsha but you will never control God. If the marriage wasn’t good you should have told her you wanted a divorce. You not only should apologize to Porsha but you need to apologize to God for lying when you took her hand in marriage. You had no intentions of being true to this younglady and you were wrong. Porsha be good and do right vengeance are not ours. Kordell standby you will feel his wrath.

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