Pilar Sanders In Tears Over Visitation Schedule Of Her Children

Posted on March 19th, 2013 at 3:34 pm


 We are told that Pilar Sanders was in tears on Tuesday when she found out that her daughter will now live with NFL great Deion Sanders along with their two sons.

Last week in one of the nastiest divorce battles that has been waged in the courts and the media, Deion was granted the right to decide where their three children live. He's decided that his two boys and daughter will live with him and Pilar has just been notified of her visitation schedule and she is in shambles. Her rep says Pilar got no warning that her daughter would live with Deion as well.

According to the schedule, the former model can see her kids every Thursday for two hours and Thursday through Sunday, the first, third and fifth weekends of every month, Deion's attorney Rick Robertson tells RumorFix.

Pilar's rep tells RumorFix "Pilar's legal team was caught completely off guard. She found out as she was driving up to pick up her daughter at school today. The whole thing is unbelievable. She has been a stay at home mother all there children's lives."

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    1. Sara says:

      That’s messed up.

    2. realistic says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Pilar but this is so sad. I believe in Gods word and karma. Vengeance is mine said the lord. I think if she just moved on and put the kids first she wouldnt be alone. She tried everything possible to make this man look bad and it back fired eveytime. Pilar get yourself together, become Dions friend and truly put your kids first. You and Dion didnt need a parent (judge) to tell you when you could see your kids but everyone knew you only wanted them for the check, be real. Your kids love you for you and you should love them the same. If this mess didnt happen I bet he wouldnt care when you picked up your kids. Be nice, because I’ve seen you look down on a lot of wives in the league. So what you did to Dion wasnt surprising. Be nice, be nice and humble.

    3. ebonye bee! says:

      i wouldn’t say this is “karma”. the issue was never about the kids, it was about two other bigger kids trying to get each other back. Pilar felt used and Deion is using his power and money to push things in the direction that he wants this all to go. He has his family, his ex, his “girlfriend” Tracey Edmonds even being vile to Pilar and ripping her to pieces. The only way that this man got custody or the “right’ to decide how his kids would be seen is either if Pilar was simply psychotic (which i don’t believe she is) or someone is doing some under the table deals. Prosper Tx, is a small town that is influenced and driven by money. Deion building all types of things out there and bringing attraction to the town, of course they will side with Deion or assist him in whatever way they can. Ultimately though i do think that Pilar should stop trying so hard to stand her ground and just stand her ground by moving forward and not losing anymore of her life by trying to defeat this guy bc i would be more concerned with making sure my kids knew who i was and loved me and that is all that matter. This is just sad period. She really did not ever have a chance to begin with.

    4. FantasticFresh says:

      Good for that hoe!
      Always trying to get over on people and courts let women do it to much now she will pay for all the unfit, get over, tired ass so-called mothers!

    5. ubetta bleevitt says:

      See…this is what happens when women let the MAN “CONTROL EVERYTHING” (money) in the marrige & or the relationship! Let this be a lesson to A.L.L. WOMEN all across AMERICA this can happen to you too miss STAY-AT-HOME moms who do nothing but depend on the man for support..cuz honey when things go SOUR your azz will be out of gas! DEION: NO LITTE GIRL SHOULD BE W.I.T.H.O.U.T HER MOTHER PERIOD!!!we all know the real reason you’re doing this is to (hurt Pilar). But the ony thing you will end up doing is causing your children to D.E.S.P.I.S.E YOU. Im sure all 3 of them are in SHOCK & most likley already miss their mother terribly (especially if she’s ALL THEY’VE EVER KNOWN growing up) being SPITEFUL to each other is one thing but to cause the children to suffer THIS WAY IS JUST D.E.S.P.I.C.A.B.L.E (you will surely burn in hell for this one NEON) They best way to handle the situation is to have SHARED CUSTODY & equal visitation for their mother. Because just think of where Y-O-U might be had it not been for YOUR MOTHER’S GUIDANCE & PROTECTION??! i PERISH THE THOUGHT

    6. Secret says:

      deion did pilar wrong. she is their mother!!!!! and she was a good mother to them. I bet if she said she didn’t want child support he wouldn’t have thrown his money and had them taken away.

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