Oh My! Adrienne Maloof Parties In Her Lingerie

Posted on March 24th, 2013 at 7:48 am


Look how Adrienne Maloof went out Saturday night.

No it wasn't a Playboy party and no she isn't 22 anymore.

Granted the 51-year-old went to Perez Hilton's PJ Birthday party at the El Rey Theater in Hollywood, but Adrienne no one takes that theme too seriously -- look at your boyfriend Sean Stewart does he really wear sweat pants and two shirts to bed?

But we've got to say the former Mrs. Paul Nassif looks pretty hot -- it pays to have been married to a plastic surgeon for 10 years.



    • Michael

      Looking great for 51. I just wonder why Sean wasn’t wearing a costume if it was a theme party?

      • SuperFash

        Perhaps he has more sense than Adrienne in these matters.

        • Michael

          That could be it. I saw some other pics from the party and I didn’t see any of the men wearing their PJ’s

    • Mina

      Looks ridiculous. She looks like a showgirl tranny…

    • Rachel

      Is that Ms. Piggy dressed for bed, looks like Ms. Piggy.

    • in party wearing Lingerie ? Wow