Nick Nolte Down And Out In Malibu?

Posted on March 24th, 2013 at 9:00 am


Here at RumorFix, we don't like to be snarky like TMZ, but on occasion we feel it's necessary to call celebrities out on their odd behavior.

For instance, we just got in these photos of movie legend Nick Nolte after shopping for groceries in Malibu. The eccentric 72-year-old was wearing a long lab coat that was filthy, a knee brace over his pant leg and rocking a scraggly white beard.

PICTURES: Nick Nolte Down And Out In Malibu?

Dare we say -- he looked homeless.

Is this the same Nick Nolte who starred in 48 Hours and The Prince of Tides?

I guess we shouldn't be surprised, he does possess the wackiest mug shot to date from 2002 for a DUI.



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    1. FedUp says:

      You don’t like to be snarky!Lie to yourself often?Time you checked your reality and checked into snark rehab!Isn’t DrPhil son associated with this site?Enough said!

    2. Rebeccca says:

      How old do well known people have to be for people to quit talking crap about them? Maybe the dude has dementia or something. My father was often unkempt during those years. Knock it off.

    3. AliMcJ says:

      … so? at 72, he’s joined the red hat club: the right to throw on anything and go out w/.o worrying about “style critiques.”

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