NeNe Leakes: I Stand By Porsha Stewart

Posted on March 26th, 2013 at 3:48 pm


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are circling around Porsha Stewart after the surprising news that former football star Kordell Stewart filed for divorce.

NeNe Leakes was the first to blare out:

"I am good judge of character! I will stand by & support my little sister @PorshaDStewart"

Even Porsha's nemesis, Kenya Moore, is sending her support via Twitter: "Even though @porshadstewart and I have had our differences, I would never want to see anyone in pain. I wish her well."

A rep for Porsha issued a statement saying she was "disappointed about her husband's recent filing for divorce." On Twitter, she thanked her fans for their prayers.

Kordell's attorney released a statement saying this was a "very difficult decision" and he hopes "everyone understands." He continues, "Kordell's ongoing concern has been and remains his son's best interest."

Kordell's son is from a previous relationship.

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    1. complicated says:

      Kordell stop with the shenanigans thats why they called you the slash. This has nothing to do with your son. You slashed Porshas heart in half because you couldnt control her. It had nothing to do with your son. You should be trying to teach him to be a man by not running away from problems when things dont go your way. You married her because she was young and naive. what happened to for better or worse? Slash your image is messed up because of your actions not Porshas. I’m not a fan of Porsha’s but I think Kordell used you just to have a trophy on his arm that he could control. Good luck

    2. lia says:

      Wat an ass kordell is omg porsha thank god u found out the man u married wasn’t a man before u had kids with him…pls women stop signing prenuptials because his just broke ue heart wasted years of ur life even a minute of ur life is worth being compensated he needs to pay up

    3. divamyself says:

      I heard Porsha say that there was NO prenuptial agreement to Phaedra and then I hear that Kordell says he has one via his lawyer. Did he get her to sign it later on? If he did that was sleazy. I felt that he had contempt for her by the way he spoke to her. I’ve seen a lot in my life and I know contempt. He never let her finish her words, he cut her off and dismissed her feelings too quick. On the other hand, I had nothing against this young lady but she had such a bad habit of bragging about her marriage and calling people old when they were 42 (Kenya) and she herself is 31. To me, that was a bad omen. We all know how these Reality Shows play out. I just started watching this season and can tell that most of the married folks or the ones contemplating marriage are looking to hitch a ride on to what they think is the “good life” and we can see how far that goes. People have to be together for the right reasons. Still I feel bad for her because she seemed to be submissive and loving to him.

    4. Mrs. jones says:

      Porsha stay on the show, girl get your money

    5. scchambers says:

      you a ugly dog,u sure have paid her to look @ your scar up face what did she see on you. you old 40 year of age she still young andpretty, a man be glad to have a pretty black women. all women want from u is your money you are no shemar more or micheal ealy boo,get a life with your ugly asssssssssssssssssss.

    6. serious says:

      Porsha isnt that dumb if she didnt sign a prenup. She should be happy she wasn’t pregnant. Women have been raising kids and working for years. Porsha dont limit yourself. Get what ever you can get out if his azz, go to college and better yourself, then go get your blessing. By the way didn’t Kordell have a run in with police for picking up male prostitutes when he was playing football? Time to do some google research.

    7. Jackie Maronna-Velez Core says:

      The best interest of your Son what a load of crap the best interest of yourself !! You need to be checked My man you made yourself look like a pompus ass on the show. I believe you want your trophy wife to bow down to you. You the one that needs help maybe some counseling. But it obvious you think your better than everyone else so until you realize that other people count you will never get it . Team Porsha !! Check HIM girlfriend !!

    8. Doug Denslowe says:

      Your time as a beard is over,now get a life!

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