Lisa Vanderpump To Adrienne Maloof: Why Did You Eat Free At Villa Blanca If You Didn’t Like It?

Posted on March 7th, 2013 at 9:14 am

Everything is fair in the world of reality TV unless you go after someone's business.

And, that's what's happening off camera between two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Adrienne Maloof, who is opening her own restaurant in Beverly Hills blocks from Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, is being quoted as saying Villa Blanca is a 2 out of 10, calling it "a disaster."

Lisa was shocked by Adrienne's rating telling RumorFix, "She seems to have enjoyed dining at Villa Blanca at my expense so I don’t see why she would give it a 2 out of 10."

Lisa adds, "The more restaurants in Beverly Hills the better. I support everybody bringing their business ventures into Beverly Hills. But I don't support continuous or slanderous attacks against my character."

It should be noted Villa Blanca serves about 700 people a day and is a respected part of the Beverly Hills community. Every Monday the restaurant helps feeds the homeless at All Saints Episcopal Church and in 2011, Lisa was given a proclamation by the city for her service.

RHOBH observers say there is a history of Adrienne following Lisa in business ventures:

Lisa launched her shoe line "The Vander Pump" with the Ryan Haber Collection, then Adrienne announced her Adrienne Maloof by Charles Jourdan.

Lisa launched her own skincare line Epione, before RHOBH, and before Adrienne, who used to be married to a plastic surgeon, released her own skincare line.

So does Lisa feel threatened by the new competition this time around? "I don’t feel threatened by anything by what Miss Maloof does," she tells us.

When asked about Adrienne's copycat moves, Lisa tells us, "It’s getting really rather wearisome. I admit she’s licking wounds after getting fired. Attacking me isn’t the solution, but investing in Beverly Hills I support wholeheartedly."

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  • 15 Responses

    1. JZ says:

      Maloof is out of her league messing with lisa. She looks increasingly desperate and her attempts at new businesses are a pathetic fail. Get your own ideas woman! She has money to throw at these businesses but are any successful? No! She and her brothers should concentrate on saving the family businesses which seem to be failing one by one :/

    2. Jillian says:

      Lisa is a sharp cookie and fun to watch, along with YoYo and Bandi. AHoof was FIRED from Bravo and I don’t know the real reasons but I am sure it’s because most of we viewers couldn’t stand the hate she brought to the program. AHoof is ugly inside and out from what I have seen. Along with her friends stinky smelly splits and cray cray and Fake Red.

    3. Stephanie says:

      Anyone can say they are opening a restaurant, but will it ever open? Now that is the question. I betcha this all stems back to Lisas daughter Pandoras bachelorette party in Las Vegas and the party stayed at the Hard Rock [I think] and not the Maloof owned The Palms and Adrienne did not like that at all, and now we find out that they only own 2% of it! Wonder how much her brothers like that she did RHBH

      • Naunceling says:

        Much like her C- section and her definate book deal….that never happened?

      • disgrazia4 says:

        The Maloof Hoof comment hurt her highly sensitve feelings. She is so very sensitive. Of course by that I mean she is very sensitive of her own feelings. I don’t think she could give a flying… pump over anyone elses. Whatever Adrienne. Go away you wearisome coward. You lash out at others with lies and rumors and then run away. You no longer deserve the banner of RHW. You ran from the couch… and I heard they made sure it was tan so your stains wouldn’t show!

    4. Damon Kai says:

      Lisa’s responses are always so classy. When someone (usually Adrienne) throws shade at her Lisa knows how to throw it back in the most dignified of manners.

    5. Pam says:

      You’ll never catch me eating at Maloofs so called restaurant. She actually preps her chickens by washing them with hand soap!! The combination of the two flavors doesn’t sound very appetizing to me! But then, if you can’t boil water what would you expect. No thanks, I’ll pass. She should stick to what she DOES best….like…….humm, I can’t think what that could be?!! Oh yes,….she does her best when she copies other peoples life long accomplishments!!! I don’t think she is capable of an original idea on her own!!

    6. joe says:

      I dont see how Adrienne rating Lisa’s Restaraunt a 2 is a continuing attack against her “character”,lol.If anything,It appeared Lisa was the one who was jealous and threatened by Adrienne the entire season,making digs at her every single episode.What I have a particuarly difficult time understanding is how Lisa couldnt possibly understand Adrienne being devastated about Brandi talking about her children with an issue that was so sensitive.Anyone with a half a brain,could understand that Adrienne was clearly waiting for her children to be older to explain to them how they came into the world and how they were wanted and chosen.I agree with her decision to wait but Brandi clearly took away that option as I have no doubt,Adrienne was forced to explain to her children.Brandi remains unapologetic about this,moaning about having to hire lawyers instead of taking a good hard look at her actions and seeing how wrong she was.The minute I saw that episode and the smug satisfaction on Brandi’s face with her viscious remark,,I knew Adrienne would never be coming back to the show.I dont believe for a minute she was fired.What I believe happened is she realized that nothing including her precious children was off limits on this show,and it;s just not worth it.As for Adrienne copying Lisa,thats pretty funny.Adrienne is an awesome designer in her own right and has some exquistie collections and truly impeccable taste.I dont see how anyone could argue that.If Lisa was as classy as some of the commenters say she is,she would have just said “No Comment”.In fact,the other day,I saw a video with her being asked her feelings about Adrienne opening a Restaraunt and the best she could come up with was a dig about plastic surgery.Granted Lisa is beautiful,but you cant tell me this woman hasnt had multiple surgeries as well,lol.Im very happy for Adrienne that she got out of this train wreck of a show,and wish her the best of continued success.I tip my hat to Lisa for feeding the homeless,but am dissapointed this article failed to mention the many more charities that Adrienne devotes time and money to as well.

      • cholly8524 says:

        You’re just mad because you see yourself in Adrienne who also looks like a man. Stop projecting!

      • Vicki Shaw Bechtel says:

        Opening a restaurant? She can’t even cook..remember the hand soap on the chicken? She should stick to what she does best…..being litigious..she can make all her own money in that game. Good riddance!

    7. Naunceling says:

      Brilliantly eleoquent response by Lisa.
      No doubt the Hoof will simply paw the ground, toss her extensions, and snort in response.

    8. Barbara Gotsopoulos says:

      I do not understand why Stassi is being allowed to admit that she physically abused Jax and there seems to be no repercussions. Lisa must have suspected that the abuse had occurred because she repeatedly asked Stassi if she had gotten physical. First Stassi looked at Jax as if she were begging him not to say anything then she admitted the truth. She broke his nose and Jax said the worst thing was it was freezing in Chicago and there was blood dripping all over his designer sweater. Stassi immediately demanded from him “Did you deserve it?” and he sheepishly admitted he “deserved it”. She showed no remorse about her abusive behavior. If their positions were reversed and she was talking about blood all over her sweater only to be interrupted by him demanding “Did you deserve it?” He would have immediately been charged with abuse. She admits she did it, insists that her anger was his fault and no one charges her with anything. She also admitted to bullying other employees in your workplace. Why aren’t you firing her? Is she sleeping with Ken, too? The woman is a lazy waitress, an unreliable blogger, a disruptive workplace bully and a physical abuser.

      Shame on you Lisa for not giving her the hoof and not getting Jax the help he needs to break free from an abusive relationship. No wonder Ken complains your restaurant is suffering. I always enjoy dining in fine restaurants but I would Not go to Sur where the waiters have no respect for the guests or each other, bartenders are loose cannons and management allows disruptive behavior in a location where there are thousands of aspiring actors/models/singers etc. who would love an opportunity to work there.

    9. disgrazia4 says:

      Lisa is fabulous. Adrienne is not…at all.

    10. Bryan says:

      I suspect The Hoof’s new restaurant will be closed down due to many violations regarding health and safety issues.

    11. Yorkshire Rose says:

      This typical response from Lisa is the exact reason why Adrienne behaves the way she does. Adrienne severely lacks the intelligence to retort Lisa’s comments, so in true AM immature fashion, she copies Lisa’s business venture’s whilst publically badmouthing the business area she wishes to invest in (clearly not a smart business move if you are hoping to gain reputable contacts, suppliers, advertisers et al). Again, I return to the lack of intellect AM posesses, which appears to be very little at best.

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