Lindsay Lohan Spotted outside of Nightclub Hours After Judge Orders Rehab??

Posted on March 19th, 2013 at 9:00 am



Just hours after Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a judge to enroll in a 90 day rehab facility, Lindsay is ready to party.

RumorFix has just obtained new photos of LiLo swinging by AV Nightclub in Hollywood early Tuesday morning.

According to our sources, Lindsay never actually went into the club.  When she realized that a crush of paparazzi had been tipped off and were awaiting her arrival, Lindsay's SUV went into reverse and sped off.

The girl will never learn... But at least she wasn't driving!!


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    1. Rae says:

      that is no lindsay lohan her hair is not the same color —wtf

    2. are you idiots? says:

      ermm that’s not Lindsay in the picture

    3. are you idiots? says:

      that;s not lindsay lohan

    4. 20/20 says:

      That is clearly not Lindsay. Not even remotely. Good grief, the hair, the hands with no tattoos on them, get real. That is a brunette not a redhead like Lindsay was in court just hours before. You are blind lol.

      • Obviously Smarter Than You says:

        You are so dumb! Look in the back seat.

      • Rational says:

        There’s another pic of this somewhere on the internet I saw this morning. Lindsey is ducking next to the brunette with a coat over her head.

        • Diane says:

          she’s not there. there are 5 people in that car. two asian guys in the front, the girl in the white jacket and another guy in the middle and some other guy in white pants covering his face in the back.

    5. Diane says:

      are you people morons? you just had pics of lindsay in court. does this girl look remotely like lindsay or even have red hair. this is most blatant lie i’ve read and that says a lot. you’re not even hiding the fact that your lying about that girl being lindsay.

      Rumorfix my a$$.

      • Obviously Smarter Than You says:

        Lindsay is laying in the back seat DUMB ASS.

        • Diane says:

          um, no she’s not dumbass and they aren’t even claiming she’s in the back, they are claiming that girl is lindsay. the pants you see behind her are mens pants. lindsay is not in that car.

        • yes you are an idiot says:

          no she isn’t it’s a man in the back seat btw rumorfix adding ?? doesn’t make it ok

    6. DMR says:

      You should be embarrassed posting this tripe. What is the matter with you? That’s clearly not Lindsay.

    7. Obviously Smarter Than You says:

      All of you guys are idiots! Lindsay in laying in the back seat!

      • Diane says:

        no that’s not lindsay in the back. x17 has pictures of the person in the back and it’s clearly a man. so no, you’re actually dumber than everyone else that posted.

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