Lindsay Lohan Drunk In Brazil, Flashing Her Lady Parts?

Posted on March 29th, 2013 at 9:34 am
Still A Rumor


What happens in Brazil, stays in Brazil...Or gets posted all over the internet!

The latter is the case for poor Miss Lindsay Lohan.

The celebrity train wreck, who is in Brazil doing some promotional work for John John clothing line, decided to pop into a club just hours after touch down, and the starlet looks far from sober, but who knows, maybe she was just taking a little cat nap after the long flight?

Anyways, a very clever club goer snapped this shot of Lindsay looking absolutely disheveled under a table not looking too lady-like. News reports out of Brazil also say that Lindsay sat on some broken glass and started bleeding.

According to the photographer, Lindsay refused to take photos with people at the club and instead hid under the DJ's table.

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    1. Diane says:

      you guys really do like to start rumors, not fix them. reports from brasil are that she was under the table because she was being harassed for pics. it was also reported that she didn’t drink anything, not even water. that’s all on the internet if you actually bothered to fact check.

      • Rumor Fix says:

        Diane — your blind loyalty to Lindsay is impressive.

        • Victor says:

          Hey Rumor Fix, you need to recheck your so-called fonts. Going to translate the article to you, ok?

          “De acordo com o blog de Hugo Gloss, Lindsay Lohan deixou a festa sangrando. Isso porque a atriz – que não teria bebido nem água – sentou no chão em cima de um copo de vidro quebrado. Ainda de acordo com o blogueiro, ela teria pedido ao DJ que tocasse músicas de Calvin Harris e do trio Swedish House Mafia.” It says that Lindsay left the party bleeding — cause she sat in a broken glass — and that she had any drinks — not even water!

          Lindsay is a big hit in Brasil and she people were crazy about her, so she was scared and hid under the table. Also, she was working the whole day and was tired after taking a flight and YES, she took A LOT OF PICS with her fans and even signed tees and gave to them.

    2. shag11 says:

      She needs to be locked away in a mental health facility for a couple years. This is ridiculous.

    3. Doug Denslowe says:

      I wish they’d lock her up……with me!

    4. Doug Denslowe says:

      I wish they’d lock her up……….with me!

    5. Samm says:

      You all do realize this says still a rumor right? Plus I would put it pass her, that girl keeps going downhill, with no hopes of climbing back up, the first thing she does when she lands somewhere is go to a club…..but she didn’t drink anything? Yea because she probably didn’t get a chance, but she probably sure would have.

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