Kourteny Kardashian’s Son Mason: Scott Disick Not The Father?

Posted on March 27th, 2013 at 10:23 am

scott-disickThere's been some serious allegations made against Scott Disick in the tabloids, but nothing quite as harsh as this!

In Touch magazine is claiming that Disick is not the real father of Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason.

The tab writes about “a new bombshell paternity claim." Saying an "LA-based model Michael Girgenti, who worked with Kourtney Kardashian on a 944 magazine photo shoot in 2008, exclusively tells this week’s In Touch that he believes he is potentially Mason Disick’s biological father.”

The same rumor came up in 2009 and then again in 2010, and both times Kourt's camp denied any such thing.

But now the fame seeking model is churning up the lies once more.

“After he was born and I saw photos of him, I began to wonder," Girgenti says of Mason. He continues to reveal that he is seeking out a DNA test and says “I would definitely want to acknowledge Mason if he’s my kid. He deserves to know his real father.”

Sounds ridiculous. And RumorFix reached out to K and S's rep who confirms the inaccuracy saying the story is "a recycled story and not true. Kourtney met this guy [Michael Girgenti] once years ago at a shoot."

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    1. more says:

      mason looks like his especially the ears, stop these allegations Kourtney has been faithful to the her partner please leave her alone. Scott ignore them they are trying to ruin your family which is lovely.

    2. Karma_Grant says:

      I’m not a Kardashian fan but c’mon, Mason looks so much like Scott there’s no way he could be someone else’s kid.

    3. MiriamValleDeHernandez says:

      I don’t think he is lying but I do think Mason is Scott’s son, either
      way Girgenti is insanely hot got his bio and pics here
      http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/tv/model-michael-girgenti-is-kourtney-kardashians-son-masons-real-father/ more drama to the Kardashians

    4. Sylvia J. Mckinley says:

      Oh Stop!!!! Little Mason looks just like Scott!..Rumors like these are very hurtful.

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