Joan Rivers To Jay Leno: You’re The Captain Of The Titanic Go Quietly

Posted on March 22nd, 2013 at 8:27 am
Joan Rivers is the latest comedian to set her target on Jay Leno and The Tonight Show. The 79-year-old says, "Jay Leno is like the captain of the Titanic ... He should go down quietly."
The Fashion Police host is very familiar with The Tonight Show, because in the '80s she was Johnny Carson's permanent guest host.
Rumors began a couple of weeks ago that Jay will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon when his contract ends next year.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Joan says Jay's problem is -- he is not memorable. "Tell me one great Jay Leno line. You mention anybody else, and they say, 'Oh Letterman's Top Ten ... he's brilliant. Fallon, my God, what he does."

She has some advice for Leno: "[He should] look at his millions of dollars ... and say, 'How lucky a man am i?'"

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    1. Domonique Johnson says:

      I actually agree with her…

    2. Dave Mc says:

      I don’t agree – especially for someone who is trying to get her talent-less daughter on TV every chance she gets.

      • Learjet says:

        Melissa Rivers does most of her work from behind the camera. She worked for CBS This Morning for years and at MTV and always produced the red carpet specials for E! (even when she and her mom weren’t in front of the camera) and she’s executive producer of Fashion Police. She doesn’t have to work a day in her life, but she chooses to, so that’s worth something in my book.

    3. disqus_zgyxAmiHSg says:

      A little jealous Joan, are we?

    4. Learjet says:

      Agreed. He is NOT funny, but then again, either is Letterman in my opinion. Joan is right. These men ARE lucky! Millions of dollars for being mediocre! That’s why I love Joan so much. She’s edgier than any of her competition and you never know what is going to come out of her mouth, which is the job of a good comedian. Joan RULES.

    5. Der Kaiser says:

      “Truer words have ne’er been spoke!”

    6. Full Moon nm says:

      I think her face is pulled too tight and cutting off cirulaton to her dementia riddled brain

    7. David says:

      You’re doing the job correctly (Leno) when the Jews hate you.

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