Jennifer Lopez Threatening Casper Smart To Sign Pre-Wedding Confidentiality Contract?

Posted on March 29th, 2013 at 9:44 am

jlowenn20228978Has Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's love turned legal?

Star magazine claims they know why J-Lo isn't getting married: money and privacy. The tabloid goes on to claim the former American Idol judge is forcing her boy toy to sign paperwork to protect her image and income.

"She [Lopez] came up with a pre-wedding confidentiality agreement that states he will never take money from her. It also forbids him from talking to the press about her or writing a book," the gossip rag claims.

 According to the tabloid, Casper "refuses to sign it, and now they fight constantly. He says he will sign it when they get married, but not before." Adding that "if he doesn't sign it, it's over."

So is Casper really threatening a breakup to get a possible payment? RumorFix reached out to a rep for the singer who tells us, "This is not true!"

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