Chris Brown: Why I Yelled At A Valet Parking Attendant Over $10

Posted on March 26th, 2013 at 9:16 am


Chris Brown is famous for his bad temper -- so it's easy to always blame him for every scuffle he has.

But, the 23-year-old tells On Air With Ryan Seacrest he's not to blame for the case of The Clash with a Valet Parking Attendant over a $10 parking fee.

This is Chris' side of the story:

"Okay so I can elaborate on the situation. By all means, I’m a great tipper. Ten dollars is not a problem…[it] was five dollar parking at the place…but before we went in, I gave the man $100 dollars. We had two cars. It’s five dollar parking. Okay, do the math. So when we came out he was like, ‘You know what? We need $20 for each car.’ And I said, ‘Sir, I just gave you $100.’ So he was like, ‘No, no we need $10.’ So he was just going around trying to see if he could get more money and I was like, ‘no,’ so by that time it was a situation.”

Chris says he will do things differently from now on. “I’ve got to just shut up and be like, ‘Security go get the keys! I’ll be by the car.’”

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    1. Rational says:

      Wrong again Chris! You don’t make your own rules and tell security to go get the keys. The correct thing to do was to keep your cool, speak with the manager and tell him that you initially gave the parking attendant $100.00. Instead, yet again, you caused a scene for the tabloids, threatened someone, and acted like a fool throwing a temper tantrum.

    2. We don’t believe him. We been in the business for over 10 years and if someone was to give us a $100 Bill, we wouldn’t ask for another $20.
      On top of the fact, most celebritys don’t tip well.I think they feel we should be honored to service them. We’re not looking for extra money just because they are rich.

      He’s trying to cover up his lack of class!

    3. Logic says:

      @twitter-855714452:disqus Chris paid you $100 and yet you tried to demand more because you knew the media where there..pathetic


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