Calvin Klein Model Travis Fimmel: Then & Now

Posted on March 31st, 2013 at 4:18 pm


In 2002, Travis Fimmel was working out at a gym in Melbourne, Australia and was spotted by a talent scout and before you knew it -- he was signed to be the first male model signed to a six-figure deal with Calvin Klein.

He was even named as one of People's sexiest bachelors.

PICTURES: Underwear Model Travis Fimmel

Now, 11 years later, Travis is unrecognizable.

He's 33 now and have given up modeling for acting. Most recently he's in the breakout hit Vikings on the History Channel. He plays Ragnar Lothbrok, an unparalleled Viking warrior and brave new explorer.

Travis' fresh innocence is gone and he looks rugged and much more dangerous. His pretty boy looks are covered with grit and grime and his long locks are replaced with a bizarre mohawk.

Since hanging up his Calvin Klein undies, the Aussie hunk has appeared in several TV shows including A&E's The Beat with Patrick Swayze and a few feature films, The Experiment with Adrien Brody and Cam Gigandet and The Baytown Outlaws with Eva Longoria.

No matter what you do to your appearance Travis, you can't get rid of your dashing looks!

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