Alleged Justin Bieber Spitting Victim: “He’s A Punk. He Thinks He’s Invincible”

Posted on March 28th, 2013 at 9:02 am


The streets of Calabasas, California are safe again -- Justin Bieber left for Europe on Thursday to continue his tour.

But before that, the teen idol caused a big problem in a short time.

He's accused of assaulting his neighbor, auto tycoon Jeffrey Schwartz, who has released a statement on the nasty incident.

"He's a punk. He thinks he's invincible. He can't continue to have a bunch of enablers around him. It was a very unpleasant and unsettling situation," the statement reads.

Justin is accused of racing his Ferrari at spends up to 100 miles an hour at 8 in morning.

Schwartz reportedly told him, "You can't drive like this" To which Justin reportedly responded, "Get the f**k out of here."

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is investigating allegations that Justin spit on Schwartz's face and threatened him by sayiang, "I'm gonna f**king kill you."

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    1. Belieber Girl says:

      He is not a punk. Sooooo stfu Jeffrey Schwartz!! If you dont like him living next to you.. maybe you should MOVE TF AWAY!

      • okccw says:

        No “real man” would EVER spit in ANYONE’s face! He is a punk ass with no respect! I would also get his short scrawny ass kicked if he didn’t have security holding him back! He’s a white boy trying to act like a black thug rapper! Gawd what a joke! Yes he has millions, but the poor kid is being used by others for his money! He has no true friends! Just a bunch of black thugs wrecking hIs cars, parting at his house, doing drugs with him! Even his own father came back into his life after he made the big bucks! Fucking slob wasn’t around before to teach him how to me a man! So if this is this is what girls think men are these days I feel bad for you! No disrespect! But your getting cheated!!

    2. nnnnnn says:

      dont worry he wont b able to pay for personal guards his whole life, then he will learn some lessons

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