3rd Rock From The Sun’s Kristen Johnston 6 Years Sober

Posted on March 10th, 2013 at 6:06 am

3rd Rock From The Sun'sKristen Johnston is celebrating six years of sobriety on Sunday, RumorFix has learned.

The comedian, who is working on an off Broadway play that opens March 17, shared her thoughts on her blog.

"We no longer need to know ahead of time how everything will work out," she wrote philosophically.

"I'm proud to say that after six long, difficult, wonderful, life-changing & beautiful years- - I've found this to be absolutely true.

"I still stress, have crappy days, make mistakes, learn huge lessons, wish I was other .... but more often than not, I just do my best and I know in my soul that everything will happen just as it should," she wrote.

In recovering you must surrender to a higher power and in some cases people select Oprah as their higher power. So, Kristen referenced the spiritual talk show host in her blog.

"God, or Oprah, or whoever willing...there will be many, many more [sober anniversaries to celebrate]."

Always the comedian, she closed with, "PS. My favorite thing to do when people ask me 'What are you gonna do to celebrate tomorrow?'is to answer 'Get hammered, what do you think?'"

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    1. Darlene says:

      You might try double checking your information. Kristen had to cancel her Mound Builders role because it was going to conflict with the shooting schedule for her TVland series, The Exes, which will be it’s THIRD season this year.

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