Tierra LiCausi Is Getting Married!

Posted on February 14th, 2013 at 8:11 am

The most hated woman in The Bachelor's history actually found someone to love her.

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The reality star, who fought for Sean Lowe's love during season 17 but was sent home on Monday's episode, took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to debut a photo of a massive rock on her ring finger.

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Tierra hasn't seemed to be in the brightest of spirits though, tweeting on Tuesday, "Why is everyone hating on me?! :("

But according to her brother, the former Bachelor contestant couldn't be in a happier place. Tyler LiCausi recently confirmed to the media that the 24-year-old is indeed engaged, and the whole fam is over the moon about it.

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"Tierra got engaged in January. We're ecstatic for her. She is so happy!" He says, "[She's engaged to] someone she had been seeing before the show."

Wow, how did ABC miss that big chunk of news?!


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    1. Amanda says:

      Maybe she should focus on the road and not taking a picture of her ring…

    2. yournamehere says:

      Get The Look says that her ring is $33.49 at overstock dot com! LOL

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