Taylor Armstrong Fumes At Kyle Richards Over Kennedy Fiasco

Posted on February 19th, 2013 at 1:10 pm

On this week's episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills it appears as though Taylor Armstrong lost her daughter, but she says on her blog Tuesday that's not "reality."

Kim Richards is hosting a party at her home to unveil her new nose after plastic surgery and Kyle shows up to her sister's party with her daughter, Portia, and Taylor's daughter, Kennedy in tow. Next we see Kim receive a phone call from Taylor (who is slurring her words) explaining that she can't make it to the party because she is falling in love and being whisked away on a private jet for a weekend in Colorado.

Kyle asks Taylor if she should just keep Kennedy with her and a shocked Taylor says "Oh, Kennedy is with you?" seemingly oblivious to her young daughter's whereabouts. This puts all the ladies into a state of disbelief and lots of mean girl gossip ensues on how Taylor can be so erratic and irresponsible.

Taylor writes in her blog Tuesday,"Let's talk reality. I'm so tired of friends not standing up and supporting one another when they know the truth. This week's episode makes it look like I wasn't keeping track of my precious Kennedy. Nothing can be further from the truth. And Kyle knows it". She goes on to write about the accusation that she was drinking when she phoned Kim, " As for my being tipsy when I phoned, I was. I had been at a business meeting all afternoon and then met my friend, business advisor ( and ultimately my boyfriend), John at the Peninsula Hotel for a late lunch. We had closed another chapter on the stressful life I had lived for several years. I was starting to breathe again and we were falling in love."

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  • 6 Responses

    1. Jillian says:

      Taylor, I am beginning to like you now you are finally realizing stinky smelly splits is a pig who belongs in a stye. Splits needs to be terminated from the show along with craycray her sister, ArshHoof, mogreasio and ugly stinky redneck. They are mean and horrible people who I really do fast forward the scenes they are on the screen. I love love love Yolanda, Lisa, Brandi and am on the fence with Marrissa she is beginning to act like stinky smelly splits, which is a shame she seemed nice in the beginning.

    2. liza garcia says:

      I feel that Kyle is s rat and so maloof.kyle is trying to start something with taylor .and I don’t niece one word that Kyle said to lisa

    3. Rachel says:

      Taylor hang with the good beautiful women in B.H. Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi. Marissa is tettoring between Ugly and nice but she has been a friend of the Ugly
      Richards sisters so she is most likely a hateful ugly person just like them and their friends the Hoof and the redneck. Like Jillian good thing I have a fast forward so I don’t have ear or see their b.s.

    4. Rational says:

      Still doesn’t explain why Taylor seemed confused as to the whereabouts of her daughter. She just explained away the reason she was tipsy. Pathetic, chasing her twat around instead of being a good mom.

      • Karma Grant says:

        Actually if you go read the entire blog entry you’ll see it does explain it. The Nanny dropped by with Kennedy to pick up Kennedy’s left behind ipad, on their way to Taylor’s mom’s house for the weekend. While there the idea sprung up to leave Kennedy there for an overnight visit and the Nanny would just pick her up in the morning. Nobody ever informed Taylor of the change.

    5. Rational says:

      Please get that ugly Jennifer off the show! She doesn’t belong and isn’t part of the cast. She had her time on Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab. She’s so transparent. Every time the camera is anywhere near her, she makes sure to center herself toward the camera and literally clings to whoever the camera is focused on. Get rid of her!

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