Rihanna’s Illuminati Tattoo Revealed

Posted on February 6th, 2013 at 5:59 am

Rihanna is being accused of showing her allegiance to the illuminati with a new tattoo, or at least that's what the quacks at MediaTakeOut are claiming.

The Barbadian beauty recently released some outtake photographs from a shoot with Terry Richardson and in the set is an image showing a female figure on Rihanna's side. MTO claims the woman is a symbol used by the illuminati, but we think their staff needs to put down the Dan Brown novels.

That's because the "occult" tattoo is really just the bust of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and not symbolic of anything illuminati related.

Rihanna isn't the only celebrity to be linked to the group this week. Conspiracy theorists went cuckoo during Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime performance when she used her hands to make a diamond shape during her set. Many speculated she was flashing an illuminati symbol, but in reality, she was simply throwing up the dynasty sign made famous by her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

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    1. rodriguez256 says:

      So she’s just flashing a symbol made famous by Jay Z? Dd you think to ask the question, why does he show the sign? Did he create it? If not then what other uses does the symbol mean? Why are other artist using the hand symbol? As journalist you should be asking real questions instead of calling others crazy.

    2. Kiara says:

      The sign jay-z made that hey once threw up I’d illuminati sign duh she’s supports it cause she is also in the illuminati do your research

    3. TundraVarg says:

      Today, egyptian symbolisms are mainly used to refer to the illuminati or the free masonry.The ancient egyptian gods, including the human egyptian royalty (also considered godly at the time) are consdered the first bloodlines of the global elite. This is why symbols such as pyramids, the eye of horus and others are a must in any masonic lodge or temple. (note: not all masons are in the illuminati, but all Illuminati members are masons. The Illuminati are simply an elite group of the free masonry.)
      This doesn’t mean Rihanna is a free mason or a member of the Illuminati, actually the “regular” free masonry do not even alow women to be part of it. However, the Illuminati is the “elite”, they got the money, they got the power, and they most likely have their ways to spread their symbolism, their message and their philosophy… The Illuminati definetely do glorify themselves as self proclaimed owners of this world and all global industries. Their symbols are simply ways of telling us this, and Rihanna is not an exception.

    4. rickkrockstar says:

      she believes she is the reincarnated Nefertiti ..

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    7. Jake Snake says:

      Some of you guys need to brush up on your Nefertiti history. The woman abandoned Karnak, along with the traditional worship of Amun, and started a separate religion worshiping Aten. She and her husband even appointed themselves as high priests.

      Hmm, yea there’s no hint of present-day Illuminati-like activity there haha.

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