Lisa Vanderpump: I Didn’t Invite Faye Resnick To My Tea Party

Posted on February 12th, 2013 at 5:17 pm

The big question on the minds of millions of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans on Tuesday is, "Who in the world invited Faye Resnick to Lisa Vanderpump's tea party?"

RumorFix spoke exclusively to Lisa, who says, "I didn't invite her!"

The star of two Bravo shows says she planned a tea for less than a dozen people and the interior designer didn't make the cut, because, "she's not a friend of mine and I wouldn't invite her because she was antagonistic toward Brandi [Glanville]."

When production was arranging car service for her party, Lisa found out that Faye was included, so "I immediately put the brakes on it," Lisa says. "I wasn't happy about that one ioata."

"If it were a much larger event I would have included her, because technically Faye is a 'friend of the Housewives' and is often on the show."

But on the day of the tea party, Lisa says, "I heard a rumor that Faye may be coming -- I'm not happy about this as I didn't invite her.

"I assumed that Faye heard that she wasn't invited and that she would stay home," Lisa adds.

"I didn't want Faye there because of the altercation she had with Brandi earlier in the season and I didn't want to be put in that position.

"But Faye showed up anyway. And, this is edited out -- maybe it will be in the 'Lost Tapes' episode -- she confronts me on camera upset that she was uninvited and says 'You owe me a phone call.' I said, 'Why do I owe you a phone call? I didn't uninvite you, because you were never invited in the first place.'"

The restauranteur is, of course, the ultimate host so she was prepared either way.

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    1. Rachel says:

      Love Love Love you Lisa, or at least what I see on television. In fact everyone I talk to likes you on both your shows. Everyone also like Brandi, Yolanda and Marissa. Splits buddy Fadaway Redneck is hated by everyone I know that have seen the show, and they have all thought she is a PIG since Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered. Please remove her Fadaway Redneck from the show, you will lose a lot of viewers if this pig becomes a cast member. I know many people who use fast forward for splits, a hoof, mogreasio, cray cray the sisters scenes, along with Redneck.

    2. ana says:

      faye is a lowlife, just like her bf kyle

    3. HI 50 says:

      WTH! Faye must be a crack in her skull or a few brain cells short! She is NOT a friend of Lisa’s so WHY invite yourself? Brandi has 1st priority, NOT pitbull Faye. WISH they show that clip in the reunion or on the blog.

    4. auntannmarie says:

      Kyle tweeted that Faye was invited. She said there was a place setting for her, do the math. Someone reminded her Kim was last minute no show so there was an extra place setting! Kyle needs to learn she can’t keep playing the innocent!!

    5. Jord Z says:

      Lisa has always been honest and upfront which is why she’s loved. Kyle and Fayke are the total opposite so they can shut the hell up. As if Lisa would invite her then claim otherwise! Problem on this show is that the producers interfer and invite people for the drama.

    6. donisue says:

      I have to record the show and fast forward if Faye is on. I will not watch if they make her a full-time housewife. I remember well the Faye Resnick of 1994. Ugh. I can’t believe people even associate with her.

    7. PennyMissMoney says:

      I really really hope Fayke will not be a new housewife next year, as much as I love Lisa and Brandi I just could not tune in if she was permanent. >:/

    8. Anonymous says:

      Faye was there because Bravo wanted her there.

    9. Jennifer says:

      Everyone needs to read the blogs on Bravo, it seems like most people are united no watching the show because of not liking Fadeaway forever. People also are getting to the point of hating seeing splits, craycray and the Hoof and using their remotes all the time now to passed up their scenes.

    10. Elle says:

      Kyle is a pot stirrer just like her sister. Faye Resnick comes across as bully and troublemaker. BRAVO needs to listen to its’ viewers, keep Faye “Redneck” off the show. Andy Cohen are you hearing your viewers?

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