Klhoe Kardashian Fired?

Posted on February 19th, 2013 at 6:49 am
Still A Rumor

Has Khloe Kardashian been nixed from Simon Cowell's The X Factor? Not if you ask the folks over at FOX.

Officially, the network says that no talent decisions have been made in regards to next season's production of the reality talent competition.

However, a source at Fremantle Media, which is the company that produces The X Factor, tells RumorFix that, "There is absolutely no way she [Klhoe Kardashian] will be asked back."  The source adds,"It was a disaster."

It should be noted that this source is not in a positon of responsibility for casting the series, but is familiar with the show's production.

An article published this week in the New York Post, which claims that Khloe has been "X-ed" from the show, does appears to have some credibility.

But while it seems that the Kardashian hosting experiment is going the way of Britney Spears, we say this one is STILL A RUMOR... FOR NOW... stay tuned!

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    1. GG says:

      She was really a bad Host, her speaking voice, movements were not natural. I felt between her and Brittany Spears it made the show humdrum.

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