Kate Gosselin: I’m A Victim Of “Adult Bullying” — Exclusive

Posted on February 8th, 2013 at 10:18 am

Kate Gosselin says she is a victim of "adult bullying" and "legal bullying," RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

The star of Kate Plus 8 says when her life went public in 2006 haters "flocked to the Internet to make ugly hurtful and untrue comments about myself and my family."

Kate describes her painful battle against bullying on BullyVille.

The mother of sextuplets also says the supermarket magazines are as guilty of bullying as anyone else, "The tabloids printed lie after lie after lie in order to benefit financially, which in my opinion is a form of 'legal' bullying, people flooded companies that I worked for to spread their venom about me, sometimes spending days on end at their computers in a hope to ensure their bullying goal had been achieved and desperately wishing that the targeted company would 'drop' me. "

PICTURES: Kate Gosselin With A Koala

Kate says publishers were hounded and businesses that hired her were "badgered with constant hate and the list goes on and on. "

But she credits the companies with sticking up for her. "I am so grateful to the many corporations, family and friends who have chosen to see me for who I really am and know the truth and goodness that defines me."

How does she deal with the bullying?

  • She ignores the hate and lies
  • She uses "haters as my motivators"
  • She doesn't believe anything she's read about anyone else

Kate says bullying is "a horrible disease that haunts me and many many many others in our world!"

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    1. When will they do a story about the Bullying SHE HAS DONE?! Most people by now know she is a giant bully to anyone she perceives as weaker (like her children!) and well..just everyone around her! Biggest liar and bully out there

    2. grammys says:

      I have followed her since the beginning and have never seen or heard bullying or lies in any shape or form. Your comment is typical of the haters who believe every tabloid story and expound on it then weeks, months, years later tout it as truth. You IV bag of fame Stat are a bully yourself hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Oh please grammys, you are complelely lying. Before Kate hit the lime light she had already established a long reputation of being self centered and nasty to others. This article of Kate talking about being a victim of bullying is just another lame attempt for her to try and redeem herself. Ms. Gosselin should have thought about these consequences before not after being such a bully herself. Ms. Gosselin believes she has freedom of speech but no one else does. She is still a mess of humanity.

    4. gobsmacked says:

      The reason Kate Gosselin perceives she is “bullied” is simple: If you don’t agree with what she says, or criticize her choices in any way, you’re labeled a bully. Since she constantly contradicts herself, or just outright lies about things, and does it very publicly, it’s hard to resist pointing out her inconsistencies and untruths. All of this perceived “bullying” will disappear the minute she stops putting her children on public display on TV or in her blogs. Out of sight, out of mind. It really is that easy.

    5. cjwhodunit says:

      As usual kat e is lying. That’s all she does. Grift, lie, and bully. Rinse, lather repeat. Sad part is Kate this I’ll nit get u back on TV or any part of the media. Kate admit it, u fucked up. And your kids are paying the price. Kate get help. And I hope one of these crazy fans of yours don’t kill u one day. Remember selena

    6. Some of the commenters below are the SAME folks that harass Kate and her followers on her Twitter line daily. Go read it for yourself.

      • Carolyne P says:

        So? your point is what?
        Calling someone out on their appalling behaviour and exploitation of their kids is NOT bullying it is holding someone who should know better accountable for their actions.

        Child abuse is NOT ok and anyone who sits back and ignores it or praises the perpetrator is just as guilty as the one doing the abuse.

        People are concerned about those kids and they are concerned about the continual lies that spew forth from kates mouth and keyboard.
        Calling her out on it when she has CHOSEN to stay in the public eye is NOT BULLYING.

        Move on Goody, we all know you are one of her 6 fans. You have a pretty long track record yourself of bullying behaviour the most recent of which you posted on twitter the phone number and details of a speaking engagement Jon was attending and encouraged people to call the organisers and try and get him fired from the panel


        • Anonymous says:

          Rumorfix, yet another (or perhaps the same, check their IP) hater/cyberbully impersonating me on this forum…please delete the above comment by “Carolyne P” (using my real name to attack a long time supporter of Kate’s) and BLOCK THE HATERS/CYBERBULLIES.

          • Carolyne P says:

            So you think you are the ONLY person in the world who has the first name Carolyne and last name that starts with P?

            get a grip and a life and move on.

            It is my name and I cane use it for whatever I like.

            You are a bully towards Rumorfix and the posters here who don’t agree with you.

            YOU are the EXACT type of person katie G is talking about.

            Actually aren’t you the owner of the bully/hate site


      • Chablis says:

        And some of the so called fans here are the same ones that have bullied the Khaters for years. And some that are called “bullies” are just people having their own opinion about Kate and how she treats her children.

    7. Scoopers says:

      Kate’s post on “Bullyville” she states she was bullied in the past. ” Mean displays that have left deep scars that remain with me till this day. Bullying made me feel insecure, alone, ugly, powerless and hopeless at times.” Next paragraph….” I am a positive person by nature.” ???? Contradicting yourself much Kate? So which is it Kate are you insecure or are you positive. It doesn’t really matter because the proof of your bullying is evident on all the your shows.

      • Chablis says:

        OMG …….. I guess Kate doesn’t remember her Alaska trip and how she bullied her kids into leaving . “Positive by nature?” Does she remember the tantrum she had and all the whining and complaining she did over 56 degree weather? bwahahahahaha

    8. brdercollesrgreat says:

      I know when I get bullied I blame Kate. She is stealing my thunder. I raised multiple I adopted. I was rich. Son was room nfler and Olympic swimmer but Kate stone my thunder. She deserves to be bullied.

      • MARIE says:

        This is an impostor using fans Twitter name. How pathetic you haters are. Perfect example of the lies told about Kate and her fans.

        • CJwhodunit says:

          Stop lying Marie.

        • Anonymous says:

          Rumor fix, PLEASE delete the comments from the Hater/cyberbully hiding behind my name, spelling it “CJwhodunit”, and BLOCK THEIR ABUSIVE, NO GOOD SELVES. They are impersonating Marie as well, and “BHappy”–so glad these roaches are about to be exposed to the light of day!

          • Carolyne P says:

            Rumor Fix, please delete this impostor CJ who has come onto your site after another commentator has already used the name Cj and she has used it also. She was here second so she is in fact the imposter her. Look at her telling you what to do on your own site and getting all uppity about it.
            Who does she think she is?? The internet police??

          • Darby Shaw says:

            Not removed yet! LOL.

        • BHappyLoveLaugh says:

          What’s your problem. I’m the first and Only BHappy to post here.

        • Chablis says:

          Oh Lexxi…everyone here knows you have more usernames than anyone. I will personally attest that you were the most hated poster at ROL and it was all because you continuously bullied anyone and everyone that disliked Kate Gosselin.

    9. EDY says:

      It is much easier for Kate to think she is bullied by “haters” than to acknowledge that the vast majority of her critics were appalled by the way she humiliated, disrespected and demeaned her children on her weekly television show. And when it wasn’t her children being treated badly, it was everyone else around her – particularly people in service positions. What is amazing is how she says she and her children watch videos of their old TV shows all of the time. And she can’t see her bad behavior for herself? On some level K. Gosselin has to know that the vast majority of people who are critical of her, are so because they were alarmed and concerned for her children after seeing how they were treated by her. These people wrote to sponsors, networks who promoted her “victim tour”, TLC and the state of PA. And they will continue to express their concern as she continues to seek avenues for the exploitation of her children. The reason why there is a law protecting children on reality television in PA is because of the concern over how the Gosselin children were treated by their parents and TLC.
      So get over it, Kate. You don’t have haters. You have people who hate seeing children mistreated. On the other hand, narcissists never change – they only see themselves as victims.

    10. Lucy says:

      LOL!!! But, but, but Kate you use the haters as motivators to get things done. That’s a good thing right? You even thanked the haters on your twitter.

    11. CJwhodunit says:

      Bullyville has sites that bully people so they have no right to talk about anyone. That site is the biggest fraud of all. Kate is no victim. Kate abused her own kids so they are the victims.

    12. KITTY says:

      The first time I tweeted Kate a nice tweet, my twitter became flooded with hateful tweets.
      The haters that hang out on her twitter bully anyone that has anything nice to say to Kate.

    13. bit torn says:

      I am a fan of Kate. I think she is a wonderful mom, disciplines when neccessary and perseveres in every aspect of her life. Though I must say she treated people terribly throughout the years, obviously made a lot of enemies and is now receiving a bit of karma back. I don’t want to see her crash and burn for the children’s sake but it does annoy me how she claims “woe is me” after making so much money than the “average family”….. I don’t know she needs to change her appearance I think.. What she wears makes her look selfish… Kate go a more natural hair colour and wear clothes a bit more your age and styles that suit the occasion…smile more from the heart not the teeth.

      • Chablis says:

        Real mothers don’t need to hit small children to discipline them. Teaches them violence and doesn’t allow them to problem solve in a non aggressive manner resulting in expulsion from Kindergarten. I do agree that Kate looks a bit trampy.

    14. nanci says:

      How many times did she physically slap her husband on tv? Tell him to stop breathing? Scream at her children? Her twitter self still refers to shouting at her children every morning and her blog to yelling at them hundreds of times a day. She is a monster who was fired by the coupon site for being a hypocrite. But I would love to know what family supports her, since she disowned her parents and sisters years ago

    15. Kay says:

      There is one thing that really bothers me about what Kate wrote. People have not formed opinions on Kate based on tabloids and fake stories on the Internet. She had a t. V. Show that she has said multiple times was the realist of real. Why does she not think these opinions were formed based on her behavior on the show. She was anything but nice to Jon or the kids half the time, and forget about the people she came in contact with. She seemed far from the “positive by nature” person she claims to be. That r.v. Trip episode blew me away. I understand a stressful situation but come on. My opinions of her were formed from watching the show. Not the tabloids. If she has changed then so be it but that behavior was unforgettable.

      • Chablis says:

        ITA My opinions were also formed from what I saw her on TV and concreted when she professed that what we saw on TV was REAL.

    16. BHappyLoveLaugh says:

      I have a hole in my heart, 50% kidney function, need both knees replaced. I find time everyday to Bully. I lie every chance I can get someone to pay attention. Like Kate Gosselin, I’m insecure, lonely and ugly inside and out.

    17. Anonymous says:

      I’m glad spoke out. Yes, people have formed opinions about her based on tabloids and fake stories.

      • CJwhodunit says:

        People have formed opinion about her because of her own words and mean behavior.

      • Chablis says:

        Kate was here long before the tabloids got interested. Keep Up Zippy. Kate’s just looking for someone to make her the spokesperson. She’ll never get this gig as there is way too much evidence on You Tube of her own bullying. 🙂

    18. Anonymous says:

      Rumorfix, some of the desperate haters/cyberbullies Kate is talking about are hiding in your comments section, using the names of Gosselin family fans/supporters to say ugly, hateful things about her attributed to our screen names. Please remove the comment impersonating me spelled “CJwhodunit”. Probably wouldn’t hurt to block their IP as well, since they bring no value to the conversation, except to prove one thing–KATE IS RIGHT ABOUT THESE DISGUSTING CYBERBULLIES.

      • Carolyne P says:

        How does anyone know you are not the person impersonating the real CJ and the original commentator is the real CJ and YOU are in fact just trying to hijack their user name?
        Why should anyone believe you just because you say so?
        This smacks of someone telling the teacher about the kids up the back who are not paying attention in class. And who are you to tell a website to block someones IP?
        get your own blog if you want to play lord and master of the net.

      • HannahDawn55 says:

        Who are you to say who brings “Value” to a conversation.Oh wait if they slobber all over Kate and worship at her feet they are of “Value” but have a different opinion and they are cyberbullies. Who’s the bully here lady.

      • LexxiMarie says:

        And everyone was right about you too weren’t they?

    19. gwen0007 says:

      i guess Kate u can only hope that Dr. Phil or the ladies from the View are interested enough to want to book you. How sad that you use this issue that is killing our teens so that you can try and become relevant even if its for a week. You use the haters to motivate and that should be good enough. There are far more desperate and interesting ppl that we can learn from, not someone who is a seasoned bully trying to buy a little more television time. If you feel bullied becos we the haters verbalize are disgust of you it is because we see you for what you are, fake, narcissistic, liar, sociopath and a bully. Find a different issue to see if you get noticed. This one is for those that are really suffering. We can all learn more from a 14 year old gay boy who is in the trenches than from you who created your own problems with your constant need for attention. you make me sick.

    20. HannahDawn55 says:

      Wow Kate saying people bullying her is like the pot calling the kettle black. She’s trashed Jon on every t.v. show she has been on ,beat her dog and children ,treated volunteers like slaves and treated Tony (on dancing with the stars) like crap blaming him for her laziness and inability to dance. She tells embarrassing details about her kids secrets and makes them terrified.She was given every opportunity to have a major brand but blew chance after chance with her nasty attitude. She goes on and on about the tabloids but would call them everytime she went to Target or pumped gas. I think the real reason she was mad at the P People was because she wanted to make money off the pics herself. I suppose one day when the kids write a tell all book we will all know . The only ones being bullied in her house are her children,animals ,her body guard boyfriend and staff.

    21. BHappyLoveLaugh says:

      Kate has no idea I’ve suffered from the lies I post everyday. I change my name for each site I post my lies. The haters can identify me after one posting. Now that is being bullied. Can’t a lying braggart post her lies without a hater exposing me. I suffer more than Kate from Bullies. Lexxi er I mean Bree uh no it’ts Marie

    22. BHappyLoveLaugh says:

      I’ve been bullied much more than Kate. I post lies daily. I have lots of alias but the haters call me out on my lies just like they do to Kate’s lies. Why can’t a sweet girl like kate and myself lie and get away without bullies exposing our lies? I suffer more than Kate though. She has health insurance and doesn’t have a hole in her heart such as myself
      Thank U rumor fix for allowing me to whine like Kate.
      Lexxi er I mean Bree no I’m Marie

    23. CJ in Tx says:

      Kate should be ashamed saying she was bullied when she has been so mean to everyone around her. The woman has no friends because she bullied them.

    24. Chablis says:

      Wow what an awful picture of Kate.

    25. Chablis says:

      Someone please link the clip of Kate bullying poor Brad on her Australia trip. She didn’t know him. He was just doing his job. She was mean and nasty and downright rude to him. I’m quite sure she tried to get him fired but was unsuccessful. She also told her fans she would email and apology and never did.

    26. Chablis says:

      I think Kate should look into some sort of show with Octomom. They have so much in common other than their finances. Octomom might actually help Kate to deal with her so called bullies. Just a thought.

    27. James says:

      This desperate fame seeking abusive shrew being “bullied” doesn’t evoke sympathy. She runs to Bullyville for cover after she bullied her husband & so many other adults for years.
      Adults reacting to unchecked bad behavior is not bullying. Of course, it would take an adult to understand that. She is repulsive.

    28. Darby Shaw says:

      She bullys store clerks and others here locally I live in her County. I can attest to it first hand but you won’t look into that will you RumorFix???

    29. ZeldaZ says:

      Kate saying she is a victim of bullying is laughable. Just watch her show on youtube. She is the bully, worse, she is very abusive to her children. Heck, she even slapped her husband in the face.

    30. Guest says:

      I always though of Kate Gosselin as a “Big Bully”!!!!

    31. Paula Jean says:

      I always thought of Kate as a “Big Bully” after watching her TV show!

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