Jax Taylor: I’m Back At SUR Because Of Lisa Vanderpump — Exclusive

Posted on February 26th, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Jax Taylor had an emotional confession on Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules and he even quit his job at SUR.

But only RumorFix can tell you where things stand today.

Although he left the trendy West Hollywood restaurant months ago when the episode was filmed, Jax tells RumorFix, "Lisa [Vanderpump] made me change my mind," so he's back.

The hunky bartender, who admitted he cheated on his girlfriend Stacci Schroeder and got another girl pregnant, tells us exclusively, "I'm not playing pity party or victim. I was upset with myself."

He confesses, "Cheating on Stassi was the worst thing I ever did. I feel sick to my stomach. I am ashamed of myself. I was not raised liked that."

PICTURES: Shirtless Jax Taylor

So how are things between the two today? "We are good -- building a foundation," the actor/model says. "I have to work hard to build back her trust. But we are hanging out. I did a lot of damage."

It's been eight months since they were boyfriend and girlfriend, "but we are best friends and made to be together," he says.

Jax says he spoke to Stacci Tuesday morning. "She's a little hung over today. Not easy after last night," he says.

With all the pain and heartbreak from Season One -- we had to ask, would he come back for a Season Two -- if there is one?

"I have to talk it over with Stassi and see what's going to happen, but of course!"

Now that's the Jax we know and love!

  • 6 Responses

    1. Michae says:

      This reality show is so fake.

    2. Michael says:

      Either Lisa thinks the viewers are fools or she is the fool to think people are going to buy this nonsense. If I was Guillermo I would insist that she buy my 49% of the company out or insist that she stop playing games with the restaurant’s reputation.

    3. just me says:

      Stassi and Jax are a trainwreck together…they are bad for eachothers sanity and just overall health…They may look good together…( in pictures).. but in the real world they should just stay friends

    4. Nanc says:

      I like Lisa and most reality shows are fake from what I am reading and even from the first season of survivor FAKE

    5. Rose says:

      This show is awful. Stassi just a obnoxious spoiled individual. The way she treats
      others is truly awful. Hope Bravo cans this show

    6. Andy says:

      So he quit SUR towards the end of the show, said that he will never be back and now he’s back at SUR. Than this girl Laura Leigh said that one day she will book big Movie job and she did. It seem too perfect to be real!
      All that show was fulled by Jax and Stassi falling relationship. They needed something shocking at the end.. well lets say Jax was laying all that time. Oh yeah that brilliant!
      This show is BS and fake.

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