Is Lisa Vanderpump Leaving RHOBH?

Posted on February 4th, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Now that Lisa Vanderpump is the star of a second reality show, the rumor mill is going crazy.

The biggest rumor: Lisa is leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to focus more on Vanderpump Rules.

We went straight to Lisa to get the scoop. She tells RumorFix exclusively, "I'm not leaving RHOBH. Nothing has been decided yet."

The ratings for Lisa's new show Vanderpump Rules are quickly catching up to those of RHOBH. In just a few short weeks, the freshman TV reality show already gets a 1.7 rating, while the RHOBH is getting a 2.

Lisa tells us everyone on RHOBH "is like family to me -- the production company and Bravo. We'll see what the future holds."

It doesn't seem out of the question for Lisa to do both shows -- after all NeNe Leaks was doing three shows at one time: Real Housewives of Atlanta, The New Normal and Glee.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      I used to like her and actually thought she rose above the crap, but between this season of RHOBH and her new show about the restaurant, it’s evident she’s a master manipulator, at the end of the day, she’s looking out for number 1. The sad thing is, the new show looks like it’s quickly ruining the reputation of a group of young adults. Nothing like taking some broke 20-30 year olds desperate for a break and exploiting them for your own profit. Pretty tacky, and she lacks integrity. And yes, I know these young adults should know better, but I don’t see Lisa’s daughter in the mix…….

    2. Jillian says:

      I Hope Lisa doesn’t leave B.H. there are only a couple of the women that keep me tuned in Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda and Marrisa (so far), if Lisa leaves I may stop watching just like I did with the O.C. show.

    3. Asta says:

      I have to admit her new show is my guilty pleasure. Even more since Andy showed a clip of Stassi on The Greatest Race. Boy was she FUGLY. RHBH is now the Brandi Show and it really takes away from the brand. I’m so glad Taylor hasn’t been on, she really bugs me. Yolanda was so gorgeous last night, Kyle has something off about her, Marissa is trying to be controversial about Deanie, but I think they aren’t like that in real life. I hope at the reunion Yolanda confronts Taylor about her comment about how is not happy in that marriage.

    4. If Lisa leaves, I won’t be watching it anymore that’s for sure. I’ll go back to watching Lizardlick Towing!

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