Howard Stern Prankster Fools TV Anchor During Standoff

Posted on February 12th, 2013 at 4:56 pm

A Los Angeles TV station was punk'ed Tuesday afternoon when I man claiming to be with the US Fish & Game Commission offered to do a live phone interview regarding the Christopher Dorner standoff in Big Bear, CA.

The prankster was patched through to the news anchors in the middle of KCBS Channel 2's breaking news coverage.  During the minute long interview, the caller made several Howard Stern Show references which seemed to go over the news anchor's head.  The call came to an abrupt end when the man called the anchor a "real dumb ass," before the line went dead.

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    1. gwen0007 says:

      I don’t see what or why they think that they really pulled the wool over the eyes of these news station. It is a serious situation and this guy phones in. Dornor killed what 4 or 5 ppl and why he felt that he would prank a news station would make the station look dumb.

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