Go Daddy Commercial: Jesse Heiman Kissed Bar Refaeli At Least 45 Times

Posted on February 4th, 2013 at 11:23 am

Jesse Heiman has something in common with Leonardo DiCaprio -- he's french kissed Bar Refaeli.

The Go Daddy geek, whose commercial premiered at the Super Bowl, says he kissed the Sports Illustrated model 45 to 65 times. He told Access Hollywood Live her mouth "tastes likes paradise."

Was it exhausting doing so many takes? "I just enjoyed each one like it was the first one," he said. And no he didn't need any alcohol to get lubricated for the sensual kiss except for the alcohol content in mouthwash.

And guess how he got the part? He says, he was the best kisser based on his audition with race car driver Danica Patrick.

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