EXCLUSIVE: Mike Shouhed Playgirl Shoot: How Naked Will He Be?

Posted on February 12th, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Shahs Of Sunset star Mike Shouhed isn’t shy when it comes to impressing the world with his gorgeous face and chiseled physique. And with the recent announcement that he's stripping down to his birthday suit for a Playgirl spread, the reality star hunk is opening up exclusively to RumorFix about baring his bod for the first time ever.

While Mike confirms with RumorFix that he "obviously" will be showing plenty of booty, he won't reveal whether we'll see a full frontal shot or not. Shouhed says of the shoot, "I was really nervous, but I got into it and it kind of came natural to me. I enjoyed it." The 33-year-old says, "It’s [the theme] is something I picked myself. It features Los Angeles, the city I love, and I think the theme is very masculine and cool, and shot outdoors."

PICTURES: Mike Shouhed Playgirl Photos: UNCENSORED

Picking a masculine theme for his shoot portrays the level of security the Shahs star has in himself, revealing to RumorFix, "I’m comfortable with my body, always [have] been.  I’m comfortable with nudity, masculinity and the male aesthetic.  America’s very prudish, and any day I’d rather see the natural nudity of the female and male bodies than gun violence and other violence, which seems to be front and center every time I turn on the news."

Shouhed continues, "Having my girlfriend Jessica with me at the shoot made the whole experience comfortable, even playful and romantic.  After the shoot, we couldn’t wait to get back home….  And I was drawn to the opportunity to celebrate with Playgirl their 40th birthday, and I won’t lie it’s a kick to be in the women’s publication that’s already featured Brad Pitt and Pierce Brosnan."

But being naked in a magazine takes a lot of work! The Persian heartthrob says, "I always keep in shape, and tan. Great health and looking good is part of my daily routine." He reveals, "I need to see the pictures first, [but] I think I’ll be proud of the shoot."

And while every woman [and some men] may be drooling over his six pack and perfectly structured jaw line, Mike tells RumorFix that his favorite body part is his heart.

Wow, you're beautiful inside and out, Mike! Or how you say it in Farsi, vayyyyy khoshkeli, Mike!



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    1. Shahlover says:

      I love Mike! He is by far my fav on that show!

    2. Rachel says:

      He is a real pig and the more I see him this year the more I can’t stand this creep. He isn’t good looking to me and he looks like a slimey grease ball, yuck.

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