Chris Brown: ‘The Deepest Regret of My Life’

Posted on February 26th, 2013 at 10:03 am

In a new interview conducted at an Oscars after party, Chris Brown opened up and spoke briefly with the Mirror about his infamous fight with Rihanna.

The 2009 incident between to two singers, which left Rihanna beaten and bruised, was in Brown's word, "The deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake."

Describing what happened, Brown say, "Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals."

While many Rihanna fans refuse to let Chris Brown off the hook for the violent abuse, Chris says, "[Rihanna] loves me - What can I say? I'm forgiven... but, yes, I worked hard for it."

Brown ultimately admitted to the assault in court and was sentenced to five years' probation and six months' community service.

Since then, he adds, "I've learned a lot... I've grown up. I was very young and I took a lot of stuff, fame, for granted."


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    1. Did he learn so much that he couldn’t help trashing the GMA studio? Or has he matured so much that he couldn’t avoid fights and confrontations in bars? PLEASE! He hasn’t grown, or learned. His behavior speaks for itself. Sure people can be forgiven, but first they have to change…not just SAY they’ve changed. Actions always speak louder than words. And the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. His past behavior is abysmal.

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