Brandi Glanville: Yes I Was A Bitch To Adrienne Maloof

Posted on February 5th, 2013 at 10:49 am

Brandi Glanville just can't keep her mouth shut when spilling secrets about her frenemy, Adrienne Maloof, and in Monday's episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi drops yet another shocking secret.

The ladies are still partying in Las Vegas and after a hard day of working the stripper pole, for Brandi's new business venture, of course, everyone is in good spirits and seated at dinner.  Talk quickly turns to Camille Grammer admitting she is a bit quiet because she is missing their good friend Adrienne, who usually parties in Vegas with them.

Not the best topic to bring up considering Brandi is being sued by Adrienne so when the discussion turns to how disappointed Adrienne was that during last season Lisa's daughter Pandora chose to have her bachelorette party hosted at another venue instead of Adrienne's own hotel The Palms.

All the ladies were shocked that Brandi would be so crass and Brandi herself writes in her blog Tuesday that, "Camile brought up that Adrienne was upset that Pandora didn't choose to do her bachelorette party at the Palms, which is ridiculous because it's Pandora's choice and no one else's. So I say why was Adrienne upset because she doesn't own but two percent of the Palms. A bitchy, but true statement. I probably wouldn't have said it had Pandora's bachelorette party not been brought up and Adrienne not threatened me with a lawsuit."

Next up Camille hits below the belt and attacks Lisa Vanderpump when the dinner talk gets more heated about ownership of businesses and Camille screams at Lisa, "You don't even own SUR," (Lisa's popular West Hollywood restaurant)and Lisa looking absolutely shocked shouts back "I own fifty one percent!"

Lisa expresses her hurt in her blog and writes "Camille threw unwarranted accusations out of nowhere, stating that I was just the face of my business." She goes on to write, "Why is there a need to demean others? Is it with the intent to elevate oneself? Whatever it was, it was unfounded, redundant, and ridiculous. Onwards we go."

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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  • 6 Responses

    1. Jillian says:

      BRANDI, you were bitchy but I would be to if someone was as awful as the A.MaHoof is to you by suing you for telling the truth. Brandi you have a lot of people in your corner and you don’t need anymore haters in your life. I loved Yolanda and the “shsssss”, that was the best part of last nights dinner. Yoland and Lisa are also my favorites and Marrissa is now on the fence tettering if she is okay or a skunk in splits stye. Stinky smelly splits, Mogreasio, Cra Cra splits sister, Redneck all are BORING and if Bravo fired them I wouldn’t have to use fast forward as much on my televisions remote control.

    2. Celia says:

      Absolutely agree with Jillian’s comment! Girl, we are doing the same thing fast forwarding Maloofs, Richards and grammer

    3. JD says:

      Brandi is terrific. I love that she does not succumb to the powerfully silent lies lurking within the RHOBH social structure. What seems amazing to me is that the people on these shows think that the television viewers cannot ascertain what is really going on with these people. I guess blind arrogance will do that to you.

    4. pink cookie says:

      I disagree with the three comments, Brandi is a self-serving individual who doesn’t know when to stop-talking. When you make statements to hurt someone, you open yourself up for a lawsuit.

      Because she’s being suited doesn’t give her a right to continue to talk. She continues to dig herself in a hole and the whole thing is simply boring and disgustingly immature. Brandi needs to go to school get a degree and start a business. She cannot sing like Leanne, she does not come from a wealthy family like the Maloofs.

      Brandi stop feeling sorry for yourself and just get on with it- your children will be very proud of you.

    5. Jillian says:

      Stinky smelly split, moGreasio, MaHOOF, redneck should be terminated from the show, along with year one Camille (the hateful Camille). Yolanda is a jewel and the best lady on the show along with Lisa, then there is Brandi and she is terrific. Brandi has a lot of nasty hateful women bashing her on the show and with Yolanda and Lisa she will come out of this smelling like roses. At least this is how I see things.

    6. Jord Z says:

      Gotta say that if Brandi didnt have Lisa on side she wouldnt be so popular on the show. Truth is she does dig her own holes with that brash mouth of hers. At 40 she still has to catch up with her own age it seems. The fact she’s on the GOOD team against the unpopular castmates does her huge favors and gets her mistakes forgiven. And that single woman needing to feed her children tag line is very farfetched. They will never starve or be homeless and do still have a loving father!

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