Alec Baldwin’s Wife, Hilaria Thomas, A Gold Digger?

Posted on February 9th, 2013 at 7:04 am


Could Alec Baldwin be a daddy at 54?

A supermarket tabloid is claiming that his yoga instructor wife is pregnant, but Alec's family is upset because he didn't make her sign a prenup.

The article goes on to say that Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, who is 26 years his junior, is a gold digger and his family doesn't like her.

Alec's rep says this recent tweet about baby rumors still stands:

"Our response to baby speculation over the past 18 months has remained the same - when/if @abfalecbaldwin and @Hilariabaldwin have news they want to share, they will share it. Until then, we have no comment."

As for the gold digger rumors, a source close to Alec tells RumorFix, the rumors are "nonsense."

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    1. lala lady says:

      Of course she is a gold digger, everyone can see except poor old deluded Alec. She’s not even that attractive and I’ve heard she is a bit dim too. Hilaria sucked up so bad to Ireland until she got the ring on her finger. She used to be all over Ireland on twitter now there is no communication what so ever, no pictures of them together etc. Ireland made a cryptic remark on twitter right around the time of the SAG awards “I could never rely on a man to buy me material happiness nor use him to climb a social ladder” It is so obvious she is talking about Hilaria!!

      • MM says:

        Actually she still does follow her. I bet this is just a mean rumor. I hope she is a nice as people say because Alec deserves to be happy and she does make him happy. I do think she’s an opportunist, tho.

        • Bob Smith says:

          She’s the most opportunistic person I’ve ever seen. She was a yoga teacher and now she’s killing herself to be in front of the camera. She’s even doing ads for companies who abuse animals, and she’s supposedly a animal rights person. It’s a joke. The whole thing is arranged.

    2. Sookie says:

      Ireland closed her old instagram and started a new one and doesn’t follow Hilaria anymore. I guess she has worked out she is a conniving gold digger too who used Ireland to get to Alec, then drops her when she gets what she wants. Hilaria changed her name, pretends she is more Spanish then she is, puts on an accent and lies about her age! I really hope Alec wakes up to to her lies and pretense and sees that “Hilaria” is not really who she says she is just a opportunist who has become the woman she thinks Alec wants….I can’t stand to see people with narcissistic personality disorder deceive others so much. BTW Hilaria is not even a real spanish name

    3. NotSoHilariasAnymore says:

      Everybody knew what this bimbo was except Alec. NO prenup? OMG what an idiot if that’s true. She’s a total opportunist, but a man “in love” is also deaf, dumb and blind. He’ll wake up soon enough and I hope he dumps her flat, because that’s exactly what she’s going to do to him. All she has to do is pop out that baby and she’s set. What a shame. Hopefully he’ll get to keep most of his money, but with no prenup….omg.

    4. MM says:

      Only now people are figuring this out? Little Miss I never Owned a TV is now an extra presenter. She used to be a ballroom dancer. They aren’t known for being modest wallflowers. Ne hardly went to awards shows and now he’s at all of them, is that because HE changed? No, it’s because she wants to be seen on Extra where she is magically a host with no previous experience. I said this ages ago when he moved her in two months after meeting her. I remeber she used to act all shy then three months later she’s grabbing the mic out of his hand to say something.

    5. Ianthe says:

      Ya THINK?

    6. TaraModel says:

      Well Youre ALL Correct and Very SAD/Tragic Really for Alec!!! And Ireland…but Mostly Alec Who’s in For Massive Heartache (Bc History Does Repeat Itself) and Alec’s Absolutely In the Twilight Adios of HiS Career (Hes Def Met with Mortality on the Job)..& Now a New Baby (Good Luck with That in Mid 50s!!!) and in a Few Years whoops There Goes Hilaria with Another Alec Baby Gone..(Good Luck Getting Custody of a Toddler in Your 60s!!!) Like if He Lives to Be 75… Baby will Be Maybe 18-20?!? Yesss Youre ALL Correct.. & Poor Sappy Alec Didnt HAVE “1” FRIEND/RELATIVE.. That LOVED HIM ENOUGH TO TRY & STOP HIM!!!! There’s thee Saddest Part of HiS Epitaph.. Right There!!! Congrats To Those of YOU WHO CALL HIM Friend/Relative :)))) I Will Now Sign Out Being Very Grateful Im Nottttt Among That SAD Group!!! Rest of You Can/Should Do a Check List :))))

    7. Bob Smith says:

      This is not true love. It’s a side show, and I feel horrible at how crushed he’s going to be.

    8. Andromeda says:

      One word Karma………………………

    9. Farty Fartsalot says:

      No, not a golddigger at all. 26-year-old women date 54-year-old non rich guys all the time…

    10. Terri L says:

      Half of these old guys in Hollywood marry gold diggers. You’d think that being around in that business for years would wise these guys up. Never happens. Anyone that puts up with Alec’s bullshit all the time has got to be a gold digger. Can you imagine if she divorced him? Heavens! She wouldn’t have the name, money, or attention anymore. No pre-nup? Geez …

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