Who Is Diane O’Meara?

Posted on January 17th, 2013 at 6:05 pm
Still A Rumor

This woman was the victim in the Manti Te'o  hoax, but she says she has nothing to do with it.

Inside Edition has identified the woman as Diane O'Meara, who works in marketing in Los Angeles.

Diane went to school in California with Te'o and was even a homecoming princess. She later attended California State University in Long Beach.  Inside Edition caught up with the 23-year-0ld, who wouldn't comment except to say her attorney would help them out. Her attorney then told them that Diane is indeed the woman in picture, but had nothing to do with the hoax.

College football star Manti Te'o says he was the victim of the cruel hoax, where he fell in love with  an imaginary girlfriend -- he never met in person -- named Lennay Kekua and mourned her when she died of leukemia. There was no Lennay, whoever created the prank, used Diane's picture.

Manti is supposedly a victim of catfishing, where people create fake online profiles to pursue romantic relationships.

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    1. truth says:

      Diane doesn’t know Te’o. She went to hs with Tuisasosop, the alleged “catfisher” who stole her photos to create “Lennay Kekua.”

    2. nieve says:

      How do you go to school be the homecoming queen and not at least know of the football team captain

    3. jins says:

      Then who is Donna Tei? Donna Tei = Diane O’Meara?

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