Stassi Schroeder & Jax Taylor Fight Prompts Crazy Shirts-Off Machismo

Posted on January 29th, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Whatever happens in Vegas most definitely does not stay in Vegas with this group of friends from SUR restaurant on this week's intense episode of Vanderpump Rules.

The episode starts off with Stassi Schroeder organizing her birthday weekend in Vegas with all the gang, minus her now ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor, whom she dis-invited from the festivities after finding out that he cheated on her and allegedly got the girl pregnant. So what's a girl to do but get a new date to accompany her of her wild weekend. Much to the dismay of her best friends, she brings Frank, the bartender, whose arms she fell into not even a week after breaking up with Jax.

We finally get to hear Jax's side of the story when he admits that yes, he has done drugs, has slept with a prostitute, and did get a girl pregnant in Las Vegas, but Frank intentionally messed up the time frame and left out a crucial part that it all happened three years ago before he met Stassi, not a few months ago.

Before they are all set to leave for the road trip, Stassi is talking with her friend Katie Maloney who warns her that Frank's intentions are not the purest and all he wants to do is "get in her panties," to which Stassi, who does not blink an eye, responds dead serious, "So, a lot of people want to." Classic!!!

Let the games begin -- because no one wants to drive in the car with Frank, which forces Frank and Stassi to drive their own car to Vegas. And at the same time Jax hitches a ride in the car with all his boys because he intends to crash the party.

We all know this can't turn out good. And later that night at a Moroccan restaurant, Jax walks in and takes everybody by surprise, especially a shocked Stassi who promptly kicks him out.

Next Jax screams at Frank that he's a pawn being used by Stassi, and everyone stands up at this point and starts throwing drinks on everyone, shoving, cursing and Stassi insults her best friend, Katie's boyfriend. Then Stassi and Katie start to tussle and pour drinks on each other. They all take it outside and the guys start ripping off their shirts with the intent of fighting it out right there in the parking lot before it's all broken up and Jax and Frank are both sent on separate airplanes back to Los Angeles.

In responding to what went down inside the restaurant Jax replies, "There was so much testosterone inside me. There was so much male ego in that room, and so much we had to prove I just lost it, I have a very short temper as it is, so when I went in there and I saw him next to her I just lost it."

Does Jax blame Frank for stealing Stassi away? "At the end of the day when I look at all this it's not his fault. She left me. He didn't take her or anything like that and I have to remind myself of that. She tells me this all the time. I pushed her away and I made her leave."

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    1. CrazyStupidLove says:

      Frank, Frank, Frank, you little weasel. jax, you’re much better off without that Stassi-baggage. Grow up and get a real life…all of you.

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