Sean Lowe: “I Don’t Care About Race – My Last Girlfriend Was Black”

Posted on January 15th, 2013 at 5:56 pm

Although their lawsuit was shot down in court, did Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson's attempt to prove racial discrimination in The Bachelor provoke change?

This season, with the blonde and beautiful Sean Lowe, things are turning around. With over one quarter of the girls being ethnically diverse, it seems to be more than we've ever seen on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. The girls range from African-America, Filipino, and  Persian, giving Sean a wide range of girls to choose from.

PICTURES: Sean Lowe Flashes His Chest

Not only is the show moving forward by choosing a wide array of races, but the topic is being tackled on screen. Monday night, African-America contestant Robyn Howard bluntly asks Sean about his preference in women -- based on race. Smooth and well-spoken as always, he replied by saying that he's just "looking for [his] best friend," and that his last serious girlfriend was  Black. He says he does not care about a woman's race, and assures Robyn that it will not be a factor in his decisions regarding his future wife.

After the possibly uncomfortable and serious talk, Sean presented Robyn with a rose, showing  he meant what he said!

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  • 2 Responses

    1. Julie C says:

      Ok. I’ll say it since no else seems to want to… Not that Sean shouldn’t be taken at his word, but his claims that his previous girlfriend was African American felt like the ‘I have a black friend defense’ against accusations of prejudice. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that beyond what seemed to window dressing, the black women had very little meaningful interaction with Sean. What there was seemed forced, staged… pick an adjective. That, I believe, was the precipitous for Robin’s initial question. She was asking ‘Why am I here — do I even have a legitimate chance?’ And poor Robin. The whole “chocolate” episode made me cringe. Not only did she have to *ask* to be kissed but it was just plain awkward before, during, and certainly after. I would be very interested to know who this black ex-girlfriend is — if indeed she actually exists. As an AA lady, myself, I’ve dated men from across the spectrum. Sean’s discomfort with the black women was palpable. I’m not at all surprised they have all been eliminated pretty early on.

    2. KC says:

      Agreed, but they were only put on the show for show. It felt like the African American women were following a script and being told how to act and what to say. (Check out the curly haired girl’s eye contact, especially on her date with Sean. She keeps looking at someone else as being coached.) Just like when Emily (Bacholerette) supposely had a girlfriend that was from India who never had a comment, sat aside from the group, kept making eye contact to someone else and Emily didn’t really pay attention or interacted with her. It’s just for show because of the discrimation claim, so the show wants to look good by keeping the women around a little bit longer. Anyway the curly haired girl appeared on that recent dating game show hosted by George Lopez this past Summer on Channel 5. I can’t think of the name, maybe it was called “Take it or Leave it”??? She was picked for a date on the show-(probably a hired actress) and I’ve seen the other girl some place else-not sure where.

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