Octomom Is Broke, But Free To Strip Anywhere

Posted on January 6th, 2013 at 1:21 pm

RumorFix has confirmed that Octomom is broke and is back on welfare, but  -- as is often the case with America's most famous mom -- she just got some good news too!

Nadya Suleman's rep tells RumorFix that the mom of 14 is on welfare "temporarily" -- apparently running out of cash because of her two month stint in rehab.

But, we are also told that she just won a court battle in Florida.  Remember when she backed out of a deal to dance topless at T's Lounge in Palm Beach instead performed at a strip club nearby. T's Lounge took her to court claiming they lost money by advertising her appearance last July. The judge was shocked that he even had to hear the case that dealt with an event that happened six months ago. "My first question is, 'What are we doing here?'"

He eventually sided with Octomom saying she can strip wherever and whenever she likes. Her rep tells us, "She is not planning on dancing, but if she wanted to, she can."


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    1. Domonique Johnson says:


    2. MsSarcia says:

      There are two separate issues.

      One is where she can strip and when and the other is breach of contract.

      The judge said months ago that she could strip wherever she wants so this is nothing new..

      The OTHER issue still not addressed is breach of contract which may or may not be a separate court date in the future.

    3. As if anyone wanted to look at this nasty mess of rotting flesh, stitched together with a pound of cat gut, and photoshopped. Poor little Natalie Doud. So ugly she has to take her clothes off to get attention.

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