Nick Cannon Disses Kanye West Over Kim Kardashian

Posted on January 25th, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Back in 2006, before Kim Kardashian dated Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and Kanye West ... the brunette beauty's boo was none other than actor Nick Cannon. Cannon, who is now married to Mariah Carey, was doing a radio interview this week when he was asked about dumping Kim, and used the opportunity to throw a shot at Kim's new man, Kanye.

"Kanye always be rapping about how people got his old chicks ... I don't be ... you know," the comedian joked, noting he doesn't make a big deal over dating Kim, model Selita Ebanks and R&B singer Christina Milian. Nick says he kicked Kim to the curb once he learned she had a sex tape with Ray J. "Kim Kardashian is an amazing young lady, it's just that honesty got in the way," he explained.

Nick was also asked about his wife's feud with Nicki Minaj, and who we thought would win in a fight. "Mariah ... she ain't no little chick ... she's all muscular, about 5'9 ... I'm gonna give it to Mariah," he shared to no one's surprise since Mariah is his wife.

As for whether the R&B diva was really scared of Nicki as reported in the media, Cannon added, "Nah man, my wife is the strongest woman I've ever met ... if anybody knows Mariah, they know she can go there."

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    1. gwen0007 says:

      why would this site be monitoring posts…I find yet another post dealing with the Kardashians not acceptable and I am sure its because I used a term defining the kind of woman Kim is and what kind of woman who sleeps her way to fame is called. Non the less because she is not very bright I am sure that all the KKK are thrilled that A listers are talkilng about them. They don’t care in what context they just care that they have again been noticed. Poor Beyonce having to pretend for the sake of Jay Z that her and kim are cool. Beyonce must be finding herself at the end of many jokes as she has to befriend someone with such a poor reputation. Matthew, I know you seem to only respond to this site as the posts are so few but go to other sites where 95 percent of many posts are just so sick of this woman and her family.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gwen, do you know how to read? I told you before, I don’t care what other people think. For these people to cry doesn’t harm anyone, and if anything, it will keep Kim famous longer.
        For the record, I was censored one time too, I doubt your feelings towards Kim has anything to do with it. You can always make up another conspiracy theory that your message got censored because of that, that’s not the case.

        Regarding Beyonce, something tells me she doesn’t care what other people think. Take your own life, for instance. If you knew one of your close friends had a bad reputation, but treated you well, would you care what other people think? I certainly hope not. Beyonce knows Kim Kardashian, not the Kim created by the tabloids.

        • gwen0007 says:

          why don’t u go to other sites? I think its because it is easier to try and argue with one or two than the hundreds that have no use for this family. why do you hang around this site..whats wrong with you. You are such an easy target where this family is concerned and you sad commitment to stick up for them. They really don’t need your help because as you have said, they don’t care. I am just voicing observations and you well your obsessed and truly believe this family is worth the time of day.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m obsessed but you’re not? LOL. Coming from the one who made eight replies to my posts in one day alone. Like I have told you before, I enjoy this site, to me, it’s among the few honest ones out there. They don’t have the agenda of always spinning every story against Kim. In fact, they contradict what many of the other sites put out, exposing them as the liars. One reason why this site will never be as popular as some of the others, honesty matters. I’ve tried arguing on some of those other sites, it was a complete waste of time. A few of those people were rotten eggs if there ever was such a thing.

        • gwen0007 says:

          your a little to passionate about whats written…so I think your lying and there fore I wonder if someone on here is right and your Kris Jenner because god knows that woman wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came up to her and intdouced itself. As for what Beyonce cares about, these ppl are all about surface appearance and hanging with a Kardashian is like walking around with a can full of garbage. I can just about guarantee that Kim’s name has come up in conversations Beyonce had with her friends about having to demean herself for the sake of her husband and I can also almost guarantee a 100 percent that Jay Z isn’t to thrilled about having someone like her in and around his family. I also find is sooo funny that you keep using the term “conspiracy theory” go to other sites where you are just a little tiny fish in a big pond and try and challenge ppl who really know what the KKK are about. How do you feel about her story that “daddy spoke to her and that was the defining moment for deciding to go ahead with her divorce” and now he is a liar even though the evidence shows that its his handwritting? they are losers and all your so called defence is so weak that a baby could break thru it.

        • gwen0007 says:

          i guess i should explain why I answer your posts with so many other posts..because I basically just scan what you write and occasionally something will catch my eye like the idea that Beyonce knows Kim for Kim and not tabloid fodder but Kim K created her own reputation with the help of that sociopath Kris J. The tabloids have extended the 15 mintues of Kardashian crap and of course that bi Ryan Secrest has manipulated commercials of them to draw in viewers. Like I am sure a lot of ppl are going to want to see Scott’s reaction to that scripted cell phone mishap. Scott will defend himself in some ridiculous manner that will make the fans of the Kardashians want to scream at their t.v. because they all know Scott is a jobless loser who for whatever reason can cheat, lie and humiliate his wife and yet be treated like he is really part of the family. How he did it or why Kris Jenner feels he is relevant; who knows but once again there is a mother who feels that keeping her daughter in a bad relationship is good for ratings. wow.

    2. gwen0007 says:

      well not just the fact that he dated kim and had to ditch her because she is a liar he could very well still be suffering from whatever mung is in her body from all the men she has been with. You sure went from Z to A after getting rid of her. At least your with an A lister and not with someone you have to hide your face when you walk with her so you won’t be embarrassed. Had you stayed with her she would have killed your career.

      • Anonymous says:

        If an “A lister” is a washed-up has been who hasn’t had a big song in many years and has to settle with being on American Idol to keep herself out there, Mariah’s your girl. Then again, lip-synching Beyonce is your version of an “A lister”, that says alot about your tastes.

        As far as the men Kim’s dated, a few of them were very brief, it might have been going out to the movies together or something like that. If we were to do that with all celebrities, most would have a ton of boy/girlfriends. Look at Taylor Swift, she’s 23 and already been with 5 minimum, the longest being 5 whopping months. Yet, as usual, she won’t get any ridicule, because you don’t hate her. It’s obvious you say things only against the celebrities you hate, the other ones can do whatever they want and you don’t care.

        • gwen0007 says:

          your right, I guess that is why Khloe is on America’s got talent…you continually make a fool of yourself and continually knock the ppl you seem to worship…I am not going to knock Taylor Swift who writes her own music and is lead in every concert she does as far as design, sets and programs. She is clearly a girl looking for love but clearly due to the fact that she isn’t willing to put out it has not been easy. So dating 30 guys or not, she has maintained her beliefs. THe kardashians, well just go watch the video

          • Anonymous says:

            What video? Khloe wasn’t on America’s Got Talent, she was on the X-Factor. I think you’re getting your shows mixed up. If you want to knock Kim for the amount of guys she’s dated, have a little consistency here. Taylor Swift is on pace to smash Kim’s number. By the time Kim was 23, she was already married a couple years to Damon Thomas. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, hasn’t been with a single man for even half a year. You can thtow out all the excuses you want, that’s the reality. Like I said, several of the guys she’s dated were very brief, maybe a movie or dinner, that’s about it. People put them on the list to make it look like Kim has slept around more than she really has. I was looking through the list one day, it had 16 men, but I would say a minimum of 4 have to be taken off, so that would give you 12 men in about 12 years, which is about 1 guy a year. That’s pretty normal, nothing like the image that the ignorant give her.

        • gwen0007 says:

          what about Jay lo and they guy from Aeorsmith. It was a sad attention grab and I think we do agree that this show (American idol) is now more about the judges rebooting their careers and promoting albums but the A list stars are onto the fact that they are being used for controversy just as much as they are using.

    3. gissy says:

      i don’t understand people these days. Just because she is famous it doesn’t mean that you have to be all up in her business. it’s her life so she can do whatever she wants. There are many people her age that had more boyfriends than her and even husbands but I don’t see anyone commenting about their life and you wanna know why…it’s because they are not famous. Here is Kim who is enjoying her life and not even thinking about you or minding your business.

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