Lea Black On Marysol Patton & Ana Quincoces: What Really Happened — Exclusive

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Real Housewife of Miami's Lea Black was the center of a lot of fighting during last Wednesday’s Reunion Part One. She recently talked to our Real Mr. Housewife about Ana Quincoces, who went off on her on the reunion, and Marysol Patton, whom Black had lots of problems with during the season.

When asked what happened between her and Ana before and during the reunion to make Ana so angry at her, Black told RumorFix, “Nothing other than her protecting and defending Marysol. This was all a surprise to me. She is auditioning to get back on the show. I guess she realized the audience thought she was boring so tried to take it up a notch at my expense.”

What about the folder that Ana says had  "documents Lea went to great lengths to keep you from seeing?"

There were rumors that Ana did show the documents and that this was why Black was so upset during the reunion, but Bravo decided not to show.  “There are a lot of ‘rumors,'" Lea told us. "No one wants to be the subject of false accusations. She made many false accusations, particularly about my relationship with my husband, and about my son.  No one wants to be subjected to lies like she spews. It is not my style and I won't participate, but I do defend myself. She's desperate for attention. Any type of attention. I've been in the public eye for years with my Sudden Youth infomercials, on HSN, having had international distribution of my beauty products, international infomercials, my husbands high profile cases, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, as a blogger for the Huffington Post, politics,  on and on. Enough information to fill up tens of folders. "

When asked how it felt to have Ana say Lea made her money by "lying on her back," Lea said, “I have come to realize that this is all her own desperate attempt for attention and relevance. What kind of a woman would say that about a successful woman? Implying- a woman can only be successful by sleeping her way to the top. That is offense to all women.”

Lea continued, “When she criticized my husband and marriage (with things not even worth repeating, but quite ugly, very ugly and unfounded)  my reply was 'Her husband has been trying to divorce her for two years (in his own words) s-**t rainbows'  over his new girlfriend.' So she should worry about her marriage -- not mine.”

But what about her fued with Marysol? Lea explained, “She came to us through Jason who runs the charity on a daily basis and asked for the job with the charity to run the red carpet at the 15th or so year of the Gala.  According to Jason, Marysol needed the money and couldn't do it for free.  The hotel (a client of hers who happened to be contemplating letting her go when I called and asked, as a favor to Jason, that they keep Marysol on, and they did) agreed to put in their contract that they would pay for the red carpet services. Marysol’s group made some very big mistakes that year but when they asked for the opportunity again the following year - we decided that if the charity stood for second chances - we should give them one and we did. The next year we used a small portion of the sponsorship money to pay her as it was at a different hotel and we have the cancelled checks to prove it.  There were more mistakes the second year so we decided we couldn't use them again. The charity, the sponsors, the volunteers, the celebrities, the donors, all complained about their work and I couldn't risk the loss of any more charitable support if I hired them again.  The next year Bravo said they would film the gala (for season one of Real Housewives of Miami) and we brought in an LA firm that does Emmy, Grammy and Oscar events and volunteered to do the gala.  I agreed to let Marysol's girl assist (without payment), because she didn't want to be embarrassed during filming that we had an LA based firm instead of her.   Since then Marysol has put me in a terrible position of feeling like I need to constantly defend my life's work with this charity. She has made comments on the show that the charity was disorganized and that she refused to work with the charity again. That was a lie and she had no reason to criticize  the charity. She also continued to say bad things about the charity off of the show. In our defense of the charity, her deeds were revealed.  Rather than making nice, or shutting down the conversation- she bad mouthed the charity, and took no responsibility for the problems created by her firm, forcing the charity and- or me to defend ourselves and the charity volunteers.”

Lea is now distant from Marysol, but did respond to claims Marysol's business legitimized Lea's gala: “Its a line she rehearsed. She was involved with our gala two to three years out of 18 that I've been raising money for various foundations and causes.  Those years were the only years we had problems. Many more problems than I even disclosed. If I really wanted to hurt her business - I would have said a whole lot more. The problems I mentioned publically were the minor problems. What happened didn't hurt her business, her handing of it on the show, may have affected her business - I don't know. "The coverup is always worse than the crime," as the saying goes.”

Even with these conflicts, Lea still stays in the positive, saying, “Life is good and I am to busy to pay attention to the pettiness.

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    1. Eva Marie says:

      So glad Lea explained what happened with her and Marysol. Now the Ana thing I still don’t understand.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s because Lea is obfuscating and dodging the real issues. The fact is that with enough wealth or lawyers in your family, you too can force Bravo to edit a storyline in your favor.

        Ana has been the smart HW, clear eyed and not prone to going off on anyone without reason. She has used her words well throughout the season and frankly, I think if she is bringing up Lea, then there is a good reason for it. But has Lea shut it down over there at Bravo? No matter, any woman that would defend the likes of Thomas Kramer cannot be a woman of great integrity. Lea would rather Ana was not on the show because Ana can see the woman for what she really is.

        • Micah Bill says:

          I just went to the Blacks annual gala website. It says Lea has raised $12 million dollars in 18 years, through the gala AND OTHER charities. This is less than a million dollars a year. I am sorry, for all the hoopla about this gala, that is just a lot smaller of an amount than I expected to see. I really don’t know what to think. The gala looks way more like tax write-off city for all of her creepy friends. And if this is the case, then I can see why Ana wanted it exposed. Marysol has a legitimate business that she herself started that pays her bills. Lea seems to do nothing but run her mouth and hobknob with the rich and creepy. Both Joe Francis and Thomas Kramer have been accused of multiple sexual assaults. These are not men that I as a Bravo viewer want foisted on me, and I am sure I am not in the minority. At the first gala, Bravo captioned most of the celebrities, but when Joe Francis appeared on camera, his name was not on-screen. I wish they had continued snubbing him and not re-subjected us to Thomas Kramer again, whose first appearance was on RHOATL.

      • Micah Bill says:

        that was not an explanation, that was ‘her side of the story’. I may be wrong about Marysol but just judging from character displayed I tend to want to side with Marysol. It broke my heart when she broke down at the reunion after making the point that every dig thrown at her company is a threat to the paychecks of everyone that works for her. I am sorry but in comparison to Lea Black, she has worked very hard and I believed Lea earned Ana Quincoces comment about where her best work was done…there is no comparison between being legally ‘kept’ and being an entrepreneur. Lea’s character is screamingly obvious from her chumminess with Thomas Kramer and Joe Francis.

    2. germfob says:

      The folder was about the gala. All about the gala! Someone needs to figure out why Lea wants to hide all the info about the gala. Hmmm….

    3. Safin says:

      I really want someone to put the information of that FOLDER online, I want to see what Lea is HIDING!!!!!

    4. Why don’t any of these rich women on housewives ever go back to school? Some of them don’t even have an associates degree. It’s just baffles me that with all that money you could be a scholar for the rest of your life. Educating yourself, enlightening yourself, and using that knowledge to change to world and yet they spend their life going to silly partys and functions supposdly that helps charity. Why not donate money not to go to a gala but just because it’s the right thing? Why do you need to wear 20 million dollar necklace? Why not give 20 million dollars to women education in 3rd world countries or heck even poor americans? I swear I don’t understand these women. They have enough money to go to the best school in the world and yet they don’t even invest in their own mind.

      • Micah Bill says:

        Joanna Krupa is the worst. She is actually a “pre-housewife”…this is what they do generally to meet the rich man to prop them up, she’s just been more successful at it than most. I don’t get it really. Mainly we have housewives that aren’t housewives and really, a housewife without having to raise children is actually not a bad deal, few of them have kids and the ones that do mostly have nannies (excepting Atlanta, where it seems most of those ladies have done their own child-rearing)

      • Anonymous says:

        No disrespect to you! But why do ppl always say the rich who have worked to earn their money should give it away. Or they are criticized for what they buy with the money they earned. Doesn’t make sense IMO

        • I’m not saying they have to do anything. It’s their life. It just baffles me that they have all the opportunity in the world to anything. They could become a doctor spend all their time to cure cancer and yet they spend all their energy on impressing people at galas? I just don’t get it. If I had that much money I would try to do something life fulfilling with it. You know? Like spend my life trying to enlighten myself and help others with that enlightenment. I just don’t understand people who spend their life on things.. or status. Those avenues are lesser then helping others, improving your mind, exploring the world, and trying to improve ones-self. I can understand having a child that is biolgical, and life fullfilling. But spending all your spare time on such frivlous things baffles me. It’s like why do most of these people on reality tv not value their mind? Why is the commonlatiy of these women the superficial things in life? I would for once like to watch a reality tv series about someone spending their time/funds on trying to improve themselves or the world. Not just rasing money but you know doing something.

          • Anonymous says:

            I see your point! But that’s not going to happen with reality TV! Bravo wants ratings and what your wishing for does not bring the drama.

            • It may not bring the drama but it might bring the tears. People like to feel something when watching tv. Extreme makeover home edition and biggest loser have that dinamic. The real housewives could afford to have one woman be strong and trying to change the world. One woman going back to school, her troubles balancing that and her home life. Maybe even show her doing random acts of kindness with the money she has like undercover boss. I think the contrast of that woman on such a crazy show would be even more powerful. It’s like you would have women fighting on one clip and then the next screen would be a woman helping out a family with a sick child. It could also influence the people watching the show to better themselvs. I would think Bravo and the producers of real housewives would like to have some postiive influence on Americans who watch their programming. It would be balance some of the criminal creepers they chose to have on the show like the gross Joe francis.

      • Sadie says:

        It is all such a joke. At least Ana is trying to better herself and attempt a new career unlike the other wives who have no careers

    5. Micah Bill says:

      The thing that rubs me the wrong way about all of this is that the jewels she wears to her gala every year are undoubtedly worth more money that she raises at that event. Her entire storyline this year has been about that charity gala. It just sounds like a big party where rich people rub shoulders, get free p.r., and donate to get a tax deduction to offset capital gains. When women walk in wearing $10,000 gowns and $2000 shoes, something is just messed up. It’s really an insulting slap in the face to anyone with average intelligence. Her self-aggrandizing shindig should be limited to minor mention on one episode instead of being run into the ground all season.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Fire Ana! She’s boring and annoying, no fun to watch.

      • Anonymous says:

        Totally agree! That bith kept popping off in everyones business! She didn’t have anything going on for her story line & she was trying to stay relevant! Hope they don’t bring her back! Her ex had more personality than she did!

    7. Jillian says:

      I like Adriana, the old hag, Ana and think the rest of the gang of ho’s are trashy and act like pigs most of the time.

    8. Matt says:

      LOVE HER!!!!

    9. Jillian says:

      Black is a true PIG OF MIAMI, I wish Bravo would give her the boot. I have seen pigs in the barnyard stye but how about this one of the Miami Housewives show, hope they don’t invite you back Ms. Black.

    10. Sadie says:

      Which Miami Housewife has been married 4 times. Ana, your the lawyer, find out

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