Kim Kardashian Vs. Big Bird: Who Wore It Better?

Posted on January 25th, 2013 at 3:45 pm

Pregnant Kim Kardashian was out shopping with Kanye West in Paris and she was wearing a white feather outfit.

PICTURES: Kim Kardashian Shopping In Her Feather Dress

We couldn't help but notice the similarity to our favorite Sesame Street character.

So we want to know, who wore it better.


We kid people -- it's Friday! Come On!.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      I hate these polls, for one obvious reason. It all comes down to a popularity contest. The haters would vote for Stalin before they’d vote for Kim.

      • gwen0007 says:

        again another statement by Matthew that clearly shows that this woman is infamous rather than famous. Your right Matthew she is so hated and we are so sick of her that yes, I would vote for STalin over this nobody who lets her mother run and life and under that guise does just about anything to stay on the front of tabloids.

        • Anonymous says:

          First off, you can be famous and infamous at the same time. I think her 17,000,000 followers on Twitter prove she is famous.
          My claim about Stalin was to show where you guys have your priorities. Do you know how many lives Stalin took? 50,000,000!!! Possibly the worst of all. If he were to come back alive today, I think many of you would prefer him over Kim, a woman who, no matter what you say, is harmless. It says everything about you people. I hate Adele, I’ve gotten to really hate Taylor Swift, Micheal Jordan is my least favorite athlete of all-time, but compared to a politician like Stalin, or like many of our current politicians, I would certainly prefer Jordan, he hasn’t done close to the harm they have.

    2. gwen0007 says:

      well since big bird is natural and kim is the product of cosmetic surgery big bird will not only wear his feathers better but he will always be better looking than kim. oh I have a shot of Kim K before she puts her spanx on…

      • Anonymous says:

        Better looking than Kim? He’s a fictional bird! Kim’s the hottest woman on the planet. Implants or not(they’ve never been proven), Kim is tops.

        • gwen0007 says:

          really, didn’t kim fall from #8 to number 98 on the chart that list the hottest women. Yeah, you better check your facts and I am pretty sure that the drop was one of the fastest drops that they have recorded. Last year 8 this year 98, doesn’t sound like one of the hottest women on the planet unless your an obsessed stalker with nothing better to do than hang around Rumor fix and fight haters and probably hoping that Kim sees what your doing for her and drps u a tweet..

          • Anonymous says:

            Gwen, your arguments get dumber by the week. That poll was from How many people even voted? For starters, Nicki Minaj went from 5 to off the chart entirely, a larger drop. J Lo fell off entirely, not sure what number she was the year before. But, if Lopez fell off, while making it the year before; if Nicki fell from 5 to off entirely; and if Kim went from 8 to 98, what does that tell you? Obviously, the year before the big booty was more desirable for the voters, unlike this past year, since all three are known for that. A big butt is something a lot of guys either really like, or really hate.

            Also, is askmen even relevant? You pick and choose which surveys matter, and which ones don’t. We both know, if Kim made it high on that list, you would ignore it. There was another survey that had Kim as the 8th celebrity of the year. You’ll ignore that, typical of the way you are. If it makes Kim look good, it must not matter.
            One more thing: Michelle Obama came in the 30’s. LOL. Go off the street and ask the average guy, who’s more attractive, Kim Kardashian or Michelle Obama? 99.9% of the men would say Kim. Clearly looks only played a small role in the voting, or Obama would never have made that list in the first place.

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